Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Articles of Interest : Blue Jeans

Today's blog post inspiration comes from the 99% Invisible podcast episode 
I learned lots about Blue Jeans in this episode,  
I thought it was so interesting that the oldest pair of blue jeans "the blueprint for all blue jeans today" are from 1879 and they still look classic. 

"Here’s the really cool thing about old blue jeans. With most of our clothes, we try to keep them pretty pristine and avoid spills and rips and tears. But denim is so hard wearing and hardworking that it just kind of amasses more and more signs of wear. So you can dissect a pair of old jeans like an archeologist. You can actually see how someone walked or sat." 

& I did not know that denim being "stoned washed" 
can literally mean being washed over and over again with rocks!
{which obviously uses a lot of water}
I also learned that you are not suppose to wash your jeans that often- only after about 5 wears

Loved how they talked about blue jeans "hitting on cultural moments that go across our society".

Come to think of it, I guess this outfit would be more "denim" and not so much "blue jeans"...

 What I Wore: glasses- c/o Zenni Optical, lips- Smashbox "Disco Rose", necklace- AxelHoney, earrings- Julie Vos "Penelope Delicate", top- thrifted, jeans- American Eagle (via Instagram shop), flats- Llbean

Please excuse the wrinkles in this outfit but on this day I apparently forgot to set ANY alarms, 
so I was running a little bit late, but still managed to catch my usual train to NYC 
(still not sure how...)

The following memes perfectly describe my late morning: 

Usually I am late to no fault of my own, thanks public transportation...
Livin' that late lyfe.

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