Wednesday, July 17, 2019

"Funky Shit Going Down In The City"

The funky shit is getting out of the city...
Like this breaking news from the first week of July:

Great advice when @NJTransit on Twitter
just says "utilize alternate means of transportation"...

When they do announce a train actually running on a line, 
of course they announce another one on the same track 
so that NO ONE can get down the single flight of stairs to get on the train, 
THIS is what it looks like:

This meme is more accurate than ever:

The other night I had one of my worst commutes yet, 
this is what it looks like when thousands of people try to board the only train 
that has run on a heavy commuter line in over an hour:

How is this okay?!
I had to run down the track and jump on the first spot that I could fit

My commute has been so bad recently
 that I was actually interviewed by The New York Times about it.

"Commuting with N.J. Transit is a disorganized, chaotic nightmare" - Emma Zielinski

Maybe I wouldn't have to be such a whistle blower 
if I didn't have to pay $451 a month for this absolutely terrible service.
Since that article, my train home has been canceled 
at least three more times so far this month,
leading to VERY crowded usually single decker trains 
with three times the amount of people on them.


Thank god I like my job, 
because this is sometimes my morning commute too:

At least I get to wear my leopard pants & I love my Kate Spade taxi flats:

What I Wore: glasses- WhereLight, earrings- Julie Vos "Soho Stud Mixed Metal", necklaces- Julie Vos Cairo Delicate Necklace in moonstone & labradorite {currently on sale!}, lips- Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics "Hot Toddy", top- Anthropologie, pants- Old Navy {hand-me-down from my sister-in-law}, flats- Kate Spade

Guess the commute is worth it to be in the city where all the action is happening!

Although I can't help but think that the squatters in Episode 261 of 99% Invisible 
had the right idea with "adverse possession" & "sweat equity",
this episode is really interesting and worth a listen:

With my shitty commute & canceled trains,
 I may have to start squatting.

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