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June Humble Beauty Opinion #67

Yup, I laughed too hard at this meme my sister Audrey posted this morning on Facebook:

My Humble Beauty Opinion posts are usually the last Saturday of every month 
but I was on vacay and these posts take a long time to write 
so on Saturday I shared my little Humble Beauty Opinion 
on the Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics lipsticks I recently purchased...
Check it out HERE

A couple days late but here is my June Humble Beauty Opinion -
my monthly purchases, subscriptions, reviews, wishlists & empties! 

I was so curious to try this Trader Joes "Antioxidant Facial Serum" 
after this glowing recommendation from @traderjoesadventures πŸ”› Instagram:

I waited until I was done with my other serum to break it out,
so far I am loving it! 
It has a semi slippery/hydrating texture (in the best way)
 and I like how my skin feels after using it

Next I want to find/try this "Ultra Hydrating Gel Moisturizer",

I caught the window to pick add ons to my June Ipsy bag 
and I scored this sample of Benefit "Gimmie Brow" for $3- perfect for traveling!

I have really been enjoying this month's Ipsy bag:
I have really enjoyed using the "I Dew Care" Sugar Kitten Hydrating Holographic Peel, 
but it takes a lot of product to get a good mask going.
I love the Space Case Cosmetics shadow in "Stargasm"- 
I depotted this and the last Space Case shadow I got from Ipsy to be able to access it easier.
I like the Fluide nail polish in "Secret Project Robot", it is a brighter blue than it looks but still pretty and nice formula.
Have to play with the other products some more to be able to review.

If you want to try Ipsy, let me know! 
I have three free bags to give, just leave your email in the comments πŸ‘‡
or hit me up on Instagram: @emmasglasses
 I got an email from Coastal Scents that they were having their 99 cent single eyeshadow sale 
so I decided to cross off my wishlist, for the price these can't be beat!

Although I crossed off some items on my wishlist, 
I added two from Colourpop - how pretty are these pressed glitters?!

I also want to get that "Boombayah" shade!
Maybe I should just get "The Headliner Palette" with all their new pressed glitters...

I have both pallets but now I can replace shades if I run out! 
I kinda want them in singles solely based on how amazing the packaging is:

I love how this new Makeup Revolution palette has embossed leopard print!
The lipstick packaging is perfection too!
Also loving the makeup looks they shared on their Instagram

 Speaking of leopard packaging, 
how pretty are these new Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks?!

I also love the packaging in the Lancome x Chiara Ferragni collaboration, 
although I do with the palette had more exciting shades 
(but then it would hard to say no...)

after seeing it in a post from @ashtastical_ πŸ”› Instagram:

I would also like to check out this Wet n Wild x Pac-Man collection 
but I find these limited edition collections so hard to find in stores! 
{source: trendmood1 on Instagram}
 Here is what I have used up this month!
beauty: bareminerals stick foundation in "Opal 01"- sent to me by Influenster, I liked this a lot more than I thought I would, pretty good coverage more glow than I am used to but it was nice / Maybelline Age Rewind "Neutralizer"- this is a staple in my makeup routine and I need a replacement ASAP / Atelier Cologne "Vanile Insensee"- I liked this scent but nothing too special, this is the last of a bunch of perfume samples that I had collected from my Sephora Play bags, happy to have used them all up and get back to my favorite scents / ELF eyeliner in "coffee" and "midnight"- I love both of these and have already got a new midnight but am having trouble finding a new coffee, these eyeliners are my favorite, especially for the price! / Space Case Cosmetics- getting rid of the packaging but I depotted these shadows into my Z- Palette and I love them {both were from Ipsy bags} / Z Palette baggie that had magnets in it to make pans magnetic- I need more of these! / Empty highlighter pan- from an old palette, this shade was too dark for me so I ended up breaking it into one of my Trader Joe's Coconut body Butter and it gives your whole body a glow and gets to use up a highlighter that doesn't necessarily work on my skin / Trader Joe's Coconut body Butter x2- I love this lotion, so hydrating and smells like summer! / Covergirl "So Lashy" mascara- I was not too sure about this mascara, especially it has some weird spiky ball at the end of the applicator but it ended up working well and lasted for a long time / Sample Spooly- I think I took these from Sephora? Anyways I use them to brush out my brows but this one cracked and lead to a faster-than-expected replacement / Verizon Sunblock- got these from a company party wayyy too long ago so they are past their prime and I am finally getting rid of them / Swan Nail Polish Remover "Regular"- your run of the mill nail polish remover, think I got this from the dollar store.

bath: Revlon Colorsilk "Burgundy"- my go to hair dye / Colgate Total & "Cavity Protection" toothpaste- a good standard / Venus "Embrace"- I have been using these razors for years, I need to remember to replace them more often because a new one is so much nicer! / Trader Joe's "Rich Hydrating Face Sheet Mask"- I was surprised at how good this was! I have to get more! / Dr. Bronner's "Pure-Castile Bar Soap" x3- clearly we love this! / Hawaiian Tropic sunscreen x3- I have had these FOREVER, time to get rid of them they probably don't work any more and SPF of 6 is not my life anymore / Summer's Eve "Sheer Floral Cleansing Cloths"- love these for a quick refresh, this is a case where the name brand is much better than the store ones I have tried / 

candles: Trader Joes "Peony Blossom" & "Grapefruit"- happy that my hubby picked these up for me! I LOVE them! I think I prefer the Peony scent more but both are great! / Better Homes & Gardens "Cashmere Amber" from Walmart-  love this scent!

I laughed out loud and found this meme my Facebook/High School friend Heather shared:

& when I go my makeup this is the daily outcome every time:

Happy Humble Beauty! 
Don't forget your setting sprays- it is getting hot out there!

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