Tuesday, July 9, 2019

"You're The Only Tenn I See" :: Day 2 Tennessee Road Trip! {14+ hours of driving past cows}

{image source: opry.com}

The last week of June was finally time to take our Girls Road Trip
 to Nashville Tennessee to celebrate my mom's 60th!

Airbnb was all booked!
We went with a condo by the riverfront with a pool:

 Rental car secured, time to hit the road!

1st stop was to pick up my sister Bianca and get some Pour Richard's coffee

& spotted this amazing car in the parking lot

Can you just picture my road trip outfit in this sweet ride?!

What I Wore: sunglasses- DeLoor via 10/10 Optics c/o Vision Council, earrings- Julie Vos "Penelope Stud Small", top- vintage, belt- H&M, shorts- Walmart, flats- American Apparel {thrifted}

I mean my sister Silvia is in her Road Trip glory with some McDonalds!

Our first "real" meal on the road was, of course, Cracker Barrel
where I started my fried chicken binge.
I love the gift shops in these restaurants, such good merchandising!

Continued on for 14+ hours of driving past cows and scenic landscapes:

Along with lots of cows,
 we also saw a tractor trailer with a massive blown out tire that was on fire,
to which my sister Silvia narrated with:
{source: Frozen via Pinterest}

Making us all clarify then burst out into laughter.

We finally made it to our Airbnb!

As we unpacked, I was quite proud of my outfit selection and prepared outfits
 but this was definitely some of my sisters approach:

All this week I will be recapping our Nashville Road Trip!
Stay tuned!

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