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September Humble Beauty Opinion #58

Last Saturday of the month = #HumbleBeautyOpinion 🔛 the #blog! 
My monthly subscriptions, reviews, wish lists, and empties! 

This month's Ipsy was okay, 
I LOVE the Trestique "English Rose" lipstick,
the only lipstick I brought on our Portland trip (see my recaps here: Day 1, Day 2, Day 3)
I don't like the nail polish color, 
already know I like the benefit Hoola bronzer, although I have a bunch of these, 
haven't tried the other two products yet

Ipsy is also doing a "Glam Bag Plus" 
it is intriguing but I am not sure if it would be worth it at $25 a month

I have yet to try a lot of this month's Sephora Play bag,
I like the Nudestix Intense Matte Lip + Cheek in "Kiss" but I do find it quite drying, 
I tried the Viktor & Rolf "Flowerbomb Nectar",
but can't say I am really that into this sweet scent but it may grow on me

September was my birthday month and I was excited to claim my birthday gifts
from Ulta and Sephora, been looking forward to them since 
budgetbeautyguru on Instagram shared this year's options:
 Apparently I waited too long since I got this email from Ulta:

 What can I say Ulta, I have been working lots! 
But I finally had the chance to pick up my birthday gifts:

Most excited for the Sephora Bite Beauty gift although,
 I have heard good things about the Superhero It Cosmetics mascara from Ulta 

I died laughing at this post that bustle shared on Instagram,
it is so true.

 In other makeup news,
 I have been searching for the Emily Noel x Makeup Revolution collab palettes 
I have not been able to find The Emily Edit "The Wants" palette anywhere
& this is the one I really wanted but my store doesn't have them, 
neither does the Ulta uptown in NYC,
but I want itttt and Emily tweeted that it will be restocked and permanent!

But in one of my Ulta tours looking for this pallete, 
I did find The Needs palettes and swatched it, 
I was like "eh I don't need this... 
but then I kept looking at the color "Honesty" and decided to go for it.
I have been loving it, it is very neutral but easy to use and pretty!

I was so excited that my sisters got me all the Vault palettes 
& I bought myself a couple Morphe items,
I am enjoying both!

I wanted to try this "Triple Threat Set" because it was such a good deal
but it was sold out 

So I shared this drama this month: 

Perfect emergency to finally purchase this Loreal "Voluminious Lash Paradise" mascara 
that so many people compare to the Too Faced "Better Than Sex" mascara that I love.
I have been enjoying this mascara but I accidentally bought the waterproof version,
 so it is hard to get it all off

Happy to finally take that mascara off my wishlist, 
but lots of goodies went on this wishlist this month!

 KL Polish released their fall collection and I love watching these releases, 
I love these polishes too, 
two colors that are on my wishlist from this collection are Medusa & Cafe Disco

I also want to try this Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb in Diamond Milk
I have the Fenty Glow Gloss Bomb that I got in this set and absolutely love it,
honestly I have almost finished the gloss I love it so much.
I am sure this one is also amazing!

While getting my Sephora birthday gifts
 I finally swatched the Killawatt Foil highlighters from Fenty, 
I have wanted the Mimosa Sunrise/Sangria Sunset combo for a while,
but I was shocked at how much I loved the Sand Castle/Mint'd Mojito it is so beautiful! 

The new "Opposites Attract" palette from elfcosmetics looks amazing too! 
Would love to try this baby out, especially those yellows and grey!

Also loving this Pumpkin Spice color palette from MakeupGeekCosmetics,
especially that center gold shade! 😍

Also love this color combo, and need that razzleberry shade!

Trendmood1 shared that Kylie Cosmetics is going to be offering single shadows,
 I am interested in trying some of these beautiful colors, 
especially the shade "Blizzard":

These customizable KatVonD palette Trendmood1 shared is so detailed and beautiful!

I am still hunting for a red eyeliner, 
I am interested in try this NYX Vivid Bights liner in "Vivid Fire"

These liners from LaGirlCosmetics also look like a good option,
 although I usually prefer liquid liners

Another obsession that I have started this month is the podcast "Fat Mascara"
I love the honest and funny beauty conversations between the 
two beauty editor hosts Jess and Jenn, 
I am currently binging it from the beginning! 
Especially loved Ep. 115 with Erin Parsons
I think Erin may be my spirit human.

Jess & Jenn shared this iCon "In My Skin" spoken poetry and I fell in love with it:

Loved this post that fatmascara shared on Instagram,
the shape of people's lipsticks has always intrigued me, 
which one are you?
I am probably a combo of #3 & #7

**Update with some info/sources**

This month's empties, what I used up, loved, hated 
& all my humble opinions in between:
beauty: Coastal Scents "BR 250 Blending Brush"- I have had this forever, it has been a favorite for a long time but it is definitely past its prime, I needed something with a little more fluff and this one was a getting a little harsh and hard to control / Forever Young makeup remover wipes from FiveBelow- I like these for the price / "belief" eye cream- really enjoyed this nice and hydrating / Ciate "Bamboo Bronzer"- I like this shade but it is a little red toned for me and got a weird gloss over it and it was hard to use and I like it a lot more now that I broke it apart and am using it like that / Coola "Golden BB+ Cream"- I liked this but it has a weird sweet smell, I added it to my foundation and enjoyed it that way / Happy Water- Based Foundation I bought this in Thailand and  at first loved it on its own and added it to my foundation at home to thin it out and loved it that way / Schwarzkopf "got 2b ultra glued"- I liked this gel but I am looking for new gel products to try / Pro-FX "Sticky Base Coat"- this was too liquidy and not sure it did anything and it lasted forever. Can't wait I would recommend it / Very Chelsey 350 Solid Perfume- I have had this FOREVER, I think I got it from a Glossybox and finally used it all up, I like solid perfumes more than I thought I would / Lancome Advanced Genifique- I got this from Influenster and enjoyed it, it is pretty expensive but I was thankful to receive it for free to review/ Deck of Scarlet eyeshadow in "Zoom In"- they sent this nude cream matte shadow and another sparkly nude and red to try and obviously this shade was awesome that I used it all up, I used it as a brow highlight and under eye setting powder / Benefit "Stay Don't Stray" primer- I have also had this forever, not a big fan of this / Maybelline Age Rewind in "Brightening"- always a favorite will continue to repurchase, this gets rid of any darkness under my eyes in the morning. 

bath: Sephora "waterproof eye makeup remover"- not a huge fan of this, it definitely burned my eyes and not sure it worked that well either, Farmacy "Green Clean" makeup remover- I got this from Influenster and this was my first time trying this kind of solid makeup remover but I enjoyed it, I found it worked better before any water was applied, this was the first step to taking off my eye makeup, nice, gentle, and effective / St. Ives "Oatmeal & Shea Butter Body Wash"- I got this at Bed Bath & Beyond and was so pleasantly surprised by this body wash and my hubby loves it too! / CVS Cleansing Wash- you know for the lady bits, this wash is okay, I prefer the Summer's Eve version / Loreal "Power Moisture" shampoo- I enjoyed this shampoo, nothing too special but it was nice / Revlon "Intense Red"- I changed it up to be a little brighter this month and I am really enjoying the brightness & have gotten a ton of compliments on it / Fizz & Bubble Birthday Cake bath bomb- this was a gift from my sister Silvia and I really enjoyed using this cute cupcake bath bomb to relax after lots of birthday celebrating / Summer's Eve Cleansing Cloths- I love these for travel / Dove beauty bar- a classic and the ladies at Fat Mascara talk about it all the time! / Scentsy "Bergamot & Solar Driftwood" loved this scent, gotta get more! / Brightening & Vitalizing lemon sheet mask- this smelled citrusy and I enjoyed it / SNP Panda mask- another gift from my sisters because they called me trash panda when my makeup ran when we went swimming this summer / St. Ives Apricot Scrub- I love this stuff, it is my go to and has been since middle school- a classic exfoliator! 

My hair stylist Erin shared this post on Facebook and I died laughing:

Also laughed out loud at this post that Urbandecaycosmetics shared on Instagram

I mean, the all nighter spray is still my all time favorite.

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