Friday, September 28, 2018

Collection / Obsession :: Hunt & Orchard

I have been obsessed with Hunt & Orchard since the beginning, 
I think it started with the bracelets:

I have had all three but only have the skull left 
as the other two have broken off and disappeared =(

 My collection/obsession with Hunt & Orchard has continued to grow and grow:
Star Necklace {custom made} | Evil Eye Necklace {sold out now} | Three Skull Necklace | Matryoshka Doll Necklace | Spider Skull Necklace | Two vintage pin up girl necklaces, Eye Necklace, Vintage Barbi Girl Head Necklace {one-of-a-kind}

Although there have been couple mishaps with my Hunt & Orchard obsession,
I ordered this amazing frog necklace {see the significance of this HERE}

I also ordered this sun-with-sunglasses necklace to be made into a talisman 
with an evil eye and lightening bolt from the necklace next to it

& this was me after my orders:

This post by beigecardigan on Instagram really hits home 
since both packages disappeared into thin air and never arrives.
why does USPS suck so much?
It's ridiculous.

So after those mishaps I was hesitant to order more due to fear of more disappointment but I decided to use my store credit to get a couple of things from my Hunt & Orchard wishlist:
Dali Necklace | Ghost Town Necklace | Going Steady {one-of-a-kind vintage} 

Michel always talks about laying up her pieces...

But I am not sure this is what she had in mind:

👓: c/o Firmoo 
💄: Kathleen Lights x Colourpop "Scorpio Moon"

Don't worry I didn't actually wear all of them at once.
It is obvious my collection/obsession has gotten absurd but I can't help it with these cute pieces that are so affordable!

Even though I know I have a lot of Hunt & Orchard pieces,
of course there are still A TON on my wishlist / pieces that I loved 
and some vintage/limited ones missed out on.
Here are all the ones I have saved for my wishlist- I will link when I find the pieces but lots are screen shots from Huntandorchard's Instagram stories...
Top: {oldies and limited editions}
Middle: #1 Love this vintage E | #2 Medusa Necklace | #3 Strength Talisman Necklace
Bottom:#1 Widow Spider Necklace | #2 (in the middle) Tell Your Tale Necklace | Love that vintage ghost!

Top: Love all those vintage pieces, also love the Eye Know It All Necklace 

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