Saturday, September 8, 2018

Shopping Cart Saturday :: Add To Cart, Save For Later, No Longer Available, Repeat.

This letterfolk post on Instagram is definitely me, 
all day everyday. 

& apparently I have been doing that A LOT these days, so much so that I had to break up this Shopping Cart Saturday post into subcategories because there is so much I love...

1st up: Tops:
1. I am obsessed with these henley shirts, cardigans, flannels and pull over sterling top that BudgetBabe has been sharing on her Instagram from Walmart recently, 
I want those floral and camo henley shirts ASAP. 
in the same floral print and stripes, thinking about getting this floral one 
(then I obviously don't need the same print in the henley from #1...) 
These cardigans are so cute too for such an amazing price (under $11!)
4. It was so hard for me to leave Target without this Who What Wear top with floral and animal print. It is SO CUTE, still on my wishlist for sure! 
5. I have been a fan of KendiEveryday for yearssss now and she recently launched her new clothing company "Everyday & Co", it is full of amazing basics for great prices. Really want to build up my basic closet with these pieces, especially this Supersoft Roll Sleeve Top {$18}
6. Love the color combo and fringe in this SheIn top, as seen on their Instagram 
(comes in lots of combos)
7. First saw these BlackMilk dresses on Grav3yardgirl on YouTube
The first one is Imperial Dragon Velvet Princess Dress and the second (& third) is the 
Dragon King Vs Water Serpent dress that is reversible! 
8. I loved this tapestry print tank top from Sharkiescloset on Instagram but it sold out =(
9. Obsessed with this paperclip print top from Modcloth
10. Love the striped sleeves of this sweater as 👀 on ascotandhart on Instagram
apparently sold out now =(

1. Love these plaid jeans from the new Wild Fable line at Target
4. L.E.I. Blue Skinny Zip Ashley Polka Dot Jeans from dw_style on Poshmark {really want these, may purchase when some Poshmark sales clear from InTheLeopardCloset

1. These loafers were another share from BudgetBabe on her Instagram story
LOVE the leopard ones (obviously) 
& WhoaWaitWalmart on Instagram shared these super cute sandals from Walmart that look so cute! too! 
2. Love the color of these Universal Thread loafers 
3. LOVE these leopard sandals from Target, as 👀 on Targetdoesitagain on Instagram

2. Love these little bees as seen on okoportland on Instagram
3. These carved pearl skulls from Anomaly Jewelry are so amazing, 
love the necklace version, especially the one with the skull crown, and the earring version.
Also love this snake ring, I used to have a mini version when I was a kid (more like this one)
and these are giving me some nostalgia.
4. LOVE this web that lenoreandco has been making on her instagram
even better when it was casted! Would love this on a chain!

1. I recently blogged about my new bra from Victoria's Secret 
& how much I love it and I really want it in this lipstick print
2. This "Plunge" bra from Gap looks like it would be so pretty and comfy too!
PS. Love that this model is tatted! 
3. Loved these two glittery bags that I saw in the JCrew kid's section! Can't find the globe one online but did find the glitter heart
4. How cute is this butter dish from Pioneer Woman at Walmart?! LOVE!
5. Love this mixed textile pouch as 👀 on _damaja_ on Instagram
6. This popcorn bag is SO CUTE, found on
7. Love this Sugar Skull bag that I spotted on Betsey Johnson's Facebook

So much cute stuff in this apparently very large shopping cart...

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