Thursday, September 6, 2018

I can sow a button.

A little bit of a
When I was taking summer classes at FIT last summer, 
I was one of two people in the student lounge doing HW. 
I waiting for my sister to be done with her internship so we could take the train home together. 

A guy wondered in with a button in his hand and a sad and dismayed look on his face. 
He approached me and said, "Can you sow a button?"
I took out my headphones and said, "Um, I think so. Can I see what the button looks like?"
It was a grey tweed blazer that was definitely a couple sizes too tight 
(probably why said button popped off)
The button was a normal flat button but the other one was sowed on with extra string 
around the base to lift it up and give it more movement. 

I said, "Yeah I can do this" and he was so thankful. 
He gave me a little FIT sowing kit and left me to sow.

When he came back he asked, "So are you in the designing program here?" 
I said, "No, business"
& he said "Oh, how did you learn how to sow"
I said, "My Nonna (my Italian grandmother) taught me and if she found out that 
I didn't help you sow this button she would be upset with me"

When it the button was secured back on the blazer, he told me I could keep the little sowing kit 
& paid me $20.

What a good deal.

So hit me up if you need any buttons sowed, 
$20 is the going rate.
Does that go on my resume?

Took a little stroll through Time Square the other day:

How bad ass is this Carters billboard?!

Although today is anther scorcher, I wrote this blogpost when
it was a cloudy rainy day, which we have had a ton of this summer. 
I loled at this post that my friend from college, Vrunda, posted on Facebook:

What I Wore: glasses- WhereLight, lips- Maybelline "925 Maple Kiss", necklace- gift from my cousin Sabrina, top- Who What Wear @ Target, pants- Target, loafers- thrifted, bag- Reed x Kohls 

& home to this little stretchy weirdo:

I love NYC, 
but I love being home in NJ too.

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