Monday, October 1, 2018

Dive Bar On The East Side Where You At?

When I listed these Gucci rainbow sunnies at A Second Chance 
I was feeling a lot like that that candy lady that I spotted on the street in NYC 👆🏻

& listed all these beautiful bright bags too!

Especially the bottoms,

& I can't help but break out some brights in my outfits, 
even though something about NYC has a tendency to put people in all black...

What I Wore: glasses- Steve Madden, lips- Neutrogena "Radiant Rose", necklace- Axel Honey, top- Macy's, pants- Gap, flats- Target

Instead of hitting up a dive bar on the East Side, 
I occasionally hit up the friendly ice cream man outside my office:

Home to this cutie who is clearly not up for pictures being taken of him 
cuddling the skull on the windowsill 

Also finally tried Boysenberry Berliner from Sayko Brew Co. 
Perfectly tart and jam packed with flavor, so good! 

Since I have been working on the Upper East Side, 
Taylor Swift "Delicate" has been stuck in my head on repeat, 
🎶 "Dive Bar On The East Side Where You At?" 🎶
Here are some other jams that I have added to my 2018 Spotify Playlist:

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