Friday, October 19, 2018

Faves For Friday!

This little skull plant is definitely a Favorite on this Friday, 
my hubby got it at Trader Joes and he is such a little cutie (my hubby and the planter!)

After my Wanted Wednesday post about Damaja Handmade & her embroidery 
& said that she thought I would like surrealgoods on Instagram and she was right! 
Look how pretty these embroidered hats are! 
Top: 1 | 2
Bottom: 3 | 4 

Another embroidery that I have been loving:
{source: art by Andrea Farina found via arts_gate on Instagram

This embroidery shared by designsponge on Instagram is so 3D and awesome! 
{source: art by found via designsponge on Instagram}

I also finally framed this super cute card that my sister Bianca got for me 
and this leopard envelope from a card from my Zia, I love the combo!

My favorite corner! 

Always a huge fan of Iris Apfel,
this collection with @Christiesinc is too awesome, 
I mean look at that lobster in the bottom left:

I am obsessed with this outfit from Cassie_Stephenz on Instagram
this striped Campbell's Soup top + Marilyn Skirt is perfection! 

I first noticed this amazing print when Magnus_Clothing_Co shared this pic of @curlsncakes
I am obsessed with this "Iconic Girls" print from @bookofdeer!
{Not going to lie, I would love the girls version in a woman's shirt! Now that would be perfection!}

Statesplace {now Nicole.state on Instagram} shared these vintage Jordace Jeans
& I almost died.
I mean they have mini denim jackets ON THE BACK HEM. 

I also loved this "You Look Like Garbage" piece that drawbertson on Instagram:

 I am certainly feeling this post by boywithnojob on Instagram these days, 
especially since I now have my weekends back to "chill",
mainly just get mad because it is already almost Monday...

Either way:

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