Friday, October 5, 2018

Faves For Friday :: Prints that look like Knits!

 I have become obsessed with prints that look like knits for about a year now...
I am not sure where this obsession came from, 
I think it might have been a woman on the train/airport 
with a printed tote in this pattern.

I really liked this idea for a print for my Product Development project 
and still think it is a cool idea for a garment.

It is a little hard to explain (and also hard to google) 
but these are garments that are printed to look like a chunky knit:

I saw this cable knit version pouch on projectmgallery on Instagram:

Upon further investigation, projectmgallery on Instagram has so many prints that look like knits,
I love these tops! 
Left: projectmgallery on Instagram | Right: Top- Knit Weave Navy | Bottom- Cable Row

& she has this print in towels

Found these knit print leggings from

I knew when I saw The Snugglery on Storenvy's logo that they were on board 
with my print-that-looks-like-knit obsession:

I like the tote version:

& they have "knitspired leggings" too!

The look of chunky knits without the weight or heat make them a perfect transition piece.
Less snagging too which tends to happen with me in chunky knits and my bracelets...

Definitely a favorite on this fall Friday!
🍂 🍁

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