Thursday, October 11, 2018

uptown girl....

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My new life working in NYC includes penny pinching to be able to pay for my commute, 
{side note: $600+ for a monthly NJTransit pass is UNREASONABLE.}
while carrying my second-hand Louis Vuitton, 
to go list beautiful luxury items that are worth more than I make in a month,
while sneak eating cheese doodles out of said Louis Vuitton, 
& being paranoid about ruining said luxury items with cheese doodle fingers...

But at least I look cute doing it...

What I Wore: glasses- c/o Firmoo, necklaces- Hunt & Orchard, top & belt- JCrew, pants- Anthropologie, flats- Target, bag- second hand Louis Vuitton 

I realized that my glitter loafers were on their last leg during this commute, 
I have loved these for years, they have had a good life.

 Being a uptown girl has its literal ups and downs.

This pokemon subway guy (@tkentertainer on Instagram) makes me feel like I dropped acid
on the way downtown...

Most of them downs and NJTransit is the route of all of them:

The lack of communication and mass chaos is honestly embarrassing 
for a train system that I pay almost $40 a day to use...

The worst part was the creepy/really annoying static playing over the loudspeafliker 
so we couldn't hear any announcements... 
like WTF. 

 & everyday it is something...

The only thing to do when this happens is to go to Wasabi in Penn Station 
for some build-you-own bento box,
such an interesting concept & tasty sushi but lots of plastic and kinda difficult to unwrap...

& even when I go finally get on a train home it is not a pleasant experience...

Will there ever be a day when NJTransit runs the way it should for the amount we pay?
Asking for a friend.
JK asking for my sanity.

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