Wednesday, October 31, 2018

All Hallow's Eve

Last weekend we went to our annual family Halloween Party at my Aunt Loretta's house,

My sister Audrey was inspired by this group of "lads" 
who dressed up as traffic cones in London:

So my mom decided that we didn't need to "buy" costumes, 
that she could make all of them...

This was the first try:

I said that I thought it needed some more structure at the bottom,
and this was Version #2:

& Version #3...

After mom put her blood, sweat, tears, manicure and 1 day off from work into this cones, 
we embraced the cones and became the "BasilCONES"

 I guess the moral of the story is find yourself someone who will dress (& STAY dressed)
as a cone with you & dance.

My Uncle was a leprechaun and joined the dance party:

My Aunt had this magnet on her fringe and it was so accurate it was scary!

I love that the ice in our drinks were little skulls and bones, so on theme! 

We didn't stay in cone form all night because they were quite hard to negotiate in a crowded party,
or sit down, and we could not stand by the fire...

I love these little Halloween ZALO loafers for sale on Poshmark from Misskattlynn,
may need them for next year! 

I probably shared these "Ghost Fashions" from GemmaCorrell in the past but it is so good!

& this Halloween themed Snellen Chart shared by Vision Monday on Facebook 
is so cute!

Happy Halloween! 

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