Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Murderino Road Trip to Mass :: Day 2

Day 2 of our Murderino Road Trip To Mass!
My sister Audrey got me this amazing "here's the thing fuck everyone" tank top 
for the My Favorite Murder show and I was so excited!! 
We decided to go all out and wear them all day 

We walked around Medford and waited to pick up our tickets at the box office, 
our AirBnb was in walking distance which was so convenient! 

After we got our tickets we headed back to Salem to do some more exploring/touristy stuff

I love that everyone walks around in witches hats here, so on theme

I loved this lobster clasp bracelet, 
we got these kind of bracelets in Saint Thomas but this lobster one was a new twist!

I laughed out loud at this acorn post card, 
had to send it to Charlie because in Maine we were being attacked by acorns 
while having coffee at 158 Picket Street Cafe:

We wandered around and did a little shopping, 
I loved the cat print and bee print of these super soft garments at Curtsy

Loved this leopard and woven print tote bag & clutch at "The Boutique"

Stopped by Modern Millie because their windows the night before looked like my cup of tea, 
and it certainly was!
Look at that awesome pug print dress, pug bag, Elements Bow Top
& vintage Chanel shoes that we sadly too big for me but in hindsight I should have bought them =(

I fell in love with these web necklaces at Village Silver & struggled to pick the perfect one, 
but this one is the perfect size and I love the little spider! 

While waiting on line to get my necklace, I spotted these "Lucky Coins" and was sucked in,
they all see to be from Pakistan and are all different,
I knew I needed to pick one out, I wanted one with scalloped edges
and mixed metal attachment at the top,
I found the perfect one and have already worn it!

I fell in love with this bat necklace and am still thinking about it!
& you can get it online so hello wishlist!

We had lunch at New England Soup Factory and were very hopeful 
for some amazing New England chowder

& we were not disappointed! 
We had the Clam & Corn Chowder and the Lobster Newburg soup,
both were amazing!

We had to check out the Salem cemeteries:

We overheard a tour explaining that this family paid to be put by this tree,
 separated by this chain to say, "We are not like everyone else in this town",
I had to laugh out loud.

Had to have Audrey take my picture in my "here's the thing fuck everyone" tank top,
so true & apparently a very old sentiment. 

What I Wore: glasses- c/o Zenni Optical, necklace- Hunt & Orchard & Village Silver, denim jacket- ASOS, cardigan Roxy {very old}, top- gift from my sister Audrey from My Favorite Murder, pants- via Poshmark seller dw_style, flats- thrifted, bag- vintage Coach {thrifted} 

This is one of the witch trial judges graves:

The hardest part was to walk around the witches memorials,
"Pressed To Death" woah.

We stopped by Melt Ice Cream for a scoop!
I had the strawberry balsamic and it was delicious!

We went to drive by the "Witches House" and noticed that the house next door

On the way back to our Airbnb we stopped by the Hocus Pocus house in the daylight, 
there were so many people there checking it out too!

We stopped by a liquor store to get some drinks before heading 
to the late night My Favorite Murder show,
I was surprised and excited to find Lost Nation Brewery "Mosaic IPA" in store, 
this was one of my favorite beers I had during our Vermont beer road trip

Should have picked up these red, white and blue crystal skulls,
I love collecting these and they would be perfect in our Americana dining room... 

We decided to get some all you can eat sushi at Nijiya Sushi,
sounded like a good idea at the time...
 but when we left the restaurant we realized that the line for the show 
was around the block PASSED the restaurant we were eating at 
and wrapped around the next block... whoops, but at least we were fat and happy!

As soon as we navigated the line, got our VIP badges and a couple drinks,
we arrived right in time for the show!

Of course the show was everything + more, 
I think these ladies are so funny and their live shows are so much fun!

After the show we had a VIP meet and greet with Karen + Georgia! 
It was awesome to actually meet the people that I listen to every week!

Totally awesome experience. 
Thanks Audrey for scoring us these tickets and VIP!

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