Monday, June 4, 2018

Zenni gettin' me festival ready!

I was so excited when Zenni contacted me to send me a "Festival Ready" kit! 
The kit came in a sweet iridescent fanny pack

So many goodies! My fanny pack came with:
 An Urban Decay "All Nighter" Makeup Setting Spray, 
which immediately made me do a happy dance. I love this stuff and was almost out with mine! 
• An external battery, I mean it is like Zenni read my mind! 
Especially since my two external batteries got confiscated in China on my way to Thailand... 
• Sun Bum chapstick and sunscreen, I've never tried any of these products so I am excited! 
• Zenni custom nail polish in "Zennista Aqua"
• & a choice of Zenni sunglasses! 
= amazinggggg

As soon as I placed my order for my new Zenni glasses,
 I was exactly like these girls from their website: 

 While waiting I had to try the "Zennista Aqua" custom nail polish, 
it also matched the blue in my translucent Zenni glasses that I also 💙

I think technically I was suppose to get sunnies with my code... but I couldn't help my self.
I have wanted these beauties for a longggg time! 

Sorry, not sorry! 
I am so in love! 

What I Wore: glasses- c/o Zenni Optical Style #187616, lips- NYX "Pink Cloud" + NYC "316 Blossom", necklace- Hunt & Orchard, tank- 3.1 Phillip Lim for Target, cardigan- ASOS {recently thrifted!}, pants- Gap, flats- JustFab, bag- vintage Coach backpack {also recently thrifted!}  

Here is a little thrift hall from the Goodwill that is also making me feel "Festival Ready"! 
I got: DV loafers for $4.99, my ASOS cardigan worn above for $3.99, new table runner for $2.99, & this buttery soft leather Coach backpack for $5.99! 

So it is true that I am obsessed with my blue butterfly glasses {#187616}
that I got from Zenni this time around, but choosing was VERY hard. 
There are so many good pairs! 

I loved these sunnies: 
Top: #113021 | Bottom: #1129019

& all these were on my Zenni "wish list!"
a. #2019321 | b. #7814614 | c. #4429221

a. #2018723 | b. #125619 {those are less than $7!} | c. #126629

a. #7811539 | b. #205425 | c. #283625

Ever since tonibeehq on Instagram posted these beautiful pink frames #4414419 
(+ adorable illustration) 
I have been obsessed! 
& this pair ZenniOptical posted on Instagram with pearl sides {#7811621}
 is SO PRETTY & gives me major Audrey Hepburn vibes! 

I love all the collections Zenni puts out, 
I like how they break out the collections based on color 
and the way the display their new specs, especially on Pinterest
 because they use the hanger graphic, and it reminds me of my eyewear storage solution!
& they always have the style numbers accessible so they are easily shoppable 
{this feature is surprisingly hard to come by...}

All this Zenni talk {and my new pair} have me feeling like this:

P.S. I need all those orange tones in my eyewear wardrobe like yesterday, 
especially #123919 & #4428422

What would an eyewear post be without an eyewear meme?!

& since it is Monday, here are some jams I have been loving:

Dancing while hanging out with my fur babies, in my new Zenni glasses, 
 is my version of "Festival Ready"
and I am perfectly fine with that. 

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