Sunday, June 24, 2018

Spectacular Sunday :: LensesRx Review + Lindsay Lowe Eyewear + GIVEAWAY!!

In November I ordered myself two pairs of Lindsay Lowe Eyewear
{although I really wanted those Fright Board Frames for Halloween}
I previously blogged about my love of these funky glasses last August

I was so excited to receive these frames 
but had to put them aside to save up for some prescription lenses...

As a graduation gift to myself I decided to finally give LensesRx a try! 
On this website you can send your frames for new lenses for around $40: 

In three steps I added my script and decided to get the "Value Brand" lenses, 
making each pair of prescription lenses just $10! 

& I was happy to read this warranty and guarantee:

All in all I had 4 pairs of glasses that needed Rx lenses: 
• 2 pairs of Lindsay Lowe Eyewear
• 1 pair of Mo Eyewear frames that I got from Front Row Eyewear
just love the NYC skyline on the inside {blogged here}
• 1 pair of Rivet & Sway red frames that I got from bowsandsequins on Poshmark

I ended up throwing in my pink Coastal "Love" glasses 
& my Rivet & Sway two toned frames to get updated prescription lenses:

So I got new lenses in 6 pairs of glasses for a total of $54 
{after I used a 10% off coupon}
I decided to go for the cheapest lenses, 
and reluctantly went without anti-reflective lenses because it was an additional $30 a pair... 
more on that later... 

I selected "low priority" shipping because lets be honest- I have enough eyewear to last me...
But I placed the order on June 5th, and they were delivered on June 16th! 
I was shocked! 

This post from glamoptometrist on Instagram perfectly sums up how good it felt 
to get my new glasses with new lenses from LensesRx:

I will admit that I am regretting not getting the anti-reflective lenses, 
I forgot how much flash back they can have in pictures, 
since I knew these glasses wouldn't be like my everyday pairs,
see what I mean?

What I Wore: glasses- Lindsay Lowe Eyewear, lips- Fenty "Glow", necklace- FIT Style Shop, top & shorts- Walmart, cardigan- Forever 21 {hand-me-down}, loafers- YRU via Modcloth, bag- vintage Coach {thrifted} 

I love that Lindsay Lowe Eyewear also advertised that they will work with you 
to design your own eyewear line... 
A possible project in the future?! 
How amazing would that be?

This post from pawsnclawseyewear on Instagram is also very accurate:

With my new found love for LensesRx
I will be slowly but surly catching up to Sir Elton John...

When I ordered my two pairs of Lindsay Lowe Eyewear
they accidentally sent me a second order of them a couple of weeks later.
I reached out to them a couple of times to see if they wanted me to send them back and they never got back to me so I am going to give them away! 

Ends Sunday July 8th!

& updated my eyeglass counter on the side bar ➡️

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