Monday, June 18, 2018

art all night.... or until 2:30 am

We have tried to go to Art All Night in Trenton, NJ for years now.
When TrentonPRFM on Instagram posted about the upcoming event
 I thought this year was the year we would get to go 
because it is usually Father's Day weekend and we go visit family 
but since I am currently working in the service industry I had to work all weekend.

After working a double, 
Charlie picked me up and on our way home we stopped to check out Art All Night
at this point it was around 12:00 PM

We were amazed at how many people were hanging out outside 
and walking around looking at the art inside.

I am not going to lie it was a little overwhelming.
I couldn't tell if I was getting this feeling due to the crowds 
or the people walking around swigging out of bottles of champagne.

But we walked through the crowds and entered the Roebling Wire Works Building 
{the same place that holds the Trenton Punk Rock Flea Market that I have vended at many times}

Art covered the every wall of the Roebling Wire Works Building:

I loved the furniture pieces on display:

I LOVED this neon eye sign: 

This Kennedy picture is made out of buttons:

This Tim Parris "Untitled" painting was definitely our favorite piece in the whole show, 
which led me to his website and Instagram and now I am a huge fan! 

Another favorite piece was this "Wannabe Muses for Picasso" piece by Ken Vegotsky.

I think the piece by Tim Parris would be so perfect next to this one by Ken Vegotsky, 
The start of a perfect gallery wall!  

This string "Trenton Makes The World Takes" piece is so cool!

This silver statue is made of found objects:

We went back outside and there was a fire dancer, 
I commented that she was a fellow glasses girl and we watched her for a couple minutes:

I asked Charlie if we wanted to walk around the outside to see other pieces 
and he said "let's just go home."
I agreed since I was very tired from a long day at work.

We parked next to this sweet yellow car and I had to take a picture of it,
I love the tapestry interior! 

I took this last picture at 12:40 AM

When we left, we talked on the way home about how the event made us feel. 
We commented on the amount of cops directing traffic and patrolling the event in bullet proof vests. 
We talked about the uneasy feeling we had in the crowd and how there were a lot more people at this event than we have seen at the Trenton Punk Rock Flea Market
We also talked about the drinking outside and the possibility of things getting dangerous at this event. 

Honestly, we talked about guns. 
We talked about what would happen in a crowd like that in an old building with few exits.

But overall we praised events like Art All Night and Trenton Punk Rock Flea Market 
for bringing these events into Trenton. 

And we woke up to this: 

Around 2:30, at least two gunmen opened fire at the event. 
One person was dead and at least 17 others were injured. 

This case is still developing.

News coverage:

To think this was the year we went. 
Later than we probably would have since I was working. 
It is kind of surreal. 
We felt like something was off, I tried to push these feelings away. 

I am deeply saddened by what happened, 
I love events like Art All Night and Trenton Punk Rock Flea.
My husband works in Trenton, we live only 10 mins away 
and we have looked into moving there many times.
It is a rough city but we have hopes for change. 

It is important to keep the community involved in Trenton, 
and I hope they find a way to keep trying. 


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