Monday, June 11, 2018

greenery & ice cream

It is so hard to get out of bed with this cuddle bug, 
especially his face when I tell him it's time to get up:

The fur babies are just always so sleepy!

 But when we finally get a sunny day, I have to take a moment to check out my hubby's garden! 
It is already so big! 

& his new hops are growing! 

Even brought some greenery into today's outfit!

What I Wore: glasses- Firmoo, lips- NYC "316 Blossom", necklace- gift from my cousin Sabrina, tank- Target, tank {under}- Anthropologie, kimono- Walmart, pants- Old Navy, sandals- Target, bag- vintage Coach {thrifted} 

I am so obsessed with my new monogram necklace that my cousin Sabrina got me for my graduation, 
it is so cute! 

Perfect day for some Hoffman's Ice Cream!
I got caramel nut crunch, of course, it is my favorite! 

Back to greenery and nature, 
I have noticed slimy tracks in the sunroom around my work shoes, 
and I caught the slugs in action the other night: 

Guess they are cleaning my work shoes...
nature is gross but oh so fascinating! 

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