Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Tuesday PSA :: Micro-Influencers

Being "a blogger" is a funny thing, 
weird to talk about in real life, 
especially after years of teaching and trying to keep this part of my life separate and secret. 

I know that I am not a huge blogger, and I don't really want to be. 
I like writing this blog as a style diary, a journal of travels and adventures. 
I have gotten lots of sponsorships, have met lots of amazing people, 
attended a couple blogging conferences 

I blogged a lot about sponsorships and working with brands in my post titled

I came across this "Why Micro-Influencers" infographic posted by bloghaven on Instagram
and knew I had to share it.

Just because some bloggers don't have massive followings and celebrity status 
doesn't mean that their endorsement isn't powerful and profitable. 
It does mean that companies need to be respectful 
and followthrough with offers and opportunities, also discussed in my previous post

"Offers" like this one I recently received from Shillume.com, 
is exactly what NOT to do when reaching out to a blogger.
You "need" me to do all these things for $10, yeah, no thank you. 
Here is an example that is even worse...
Firmoo was one of the first eyeglass companies that sponsored my blog and sent me free glasses. 
I have quite a few pairs and enjoy them.

I like a lots of Firmoo's glasses but have been annoyed at their emails claiming "Free Pair"
but in the fine print, and sometimes not at all, they say "only for new customers".

Recently, a "representative" from Firmoo asking for help with promoting a customer survey,
in exchange for a new pair of Firmoo glasses, 
I said yes and posted the link to the survey on my Instagram stories as requested and even posted a link on the side bar of my blog:

I reached back out to "Logan" and told him that my end of the deal was complete, 
he sent me a link to a website to "redeem a free pair" 
but once again it was "only for new customers" which doesn't make sense. 

Why wouldn't you want to BUILD and STRENGTHEN the relationships with existing customers, especially micro-influencers?
"Logan" didn't get back to me for over a week, 
I reached back out and asked if he had some code since that was only a website 
and I got this back days later:


My response:  

Only to never hear from him again, which to be honest, sucks.

Now I feel that I can no longer recommend Firmoo as an online eyewear company.
I think that they are worth getting "your first pair free",
which I ended up opening a new account with my blog email
& claiming the pair I wanted in the first place.

I am happy I did because I really like them:
{Style #S943 for reference}

So go get you some free glasses but beware of lack of followthrough. 

As a micro-influencer, I feel obligated to be honest about sponsorships. 
Share the good and bad of sponsorship opportunities. 
Which is exactly a feature of being a micro-influencer that Bloghaven outlined in their infographic. 

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