Sunday, June 10, 2018

Spectacular Sunday :: "Out there" Eyewear!

I am all for strange "out there" eyewear, 
less is not always more, bigger is always better!  

I wanted to share some of the craziest, most fun eyewear I've come across,
some of them are a doozy! 

I could see myself wearing these Dolce & Gabbana card sunnies 

Maybe these?!?!
Might be a little hard to see out of...

Okay, these are a little too much:

These are also so.creepy.

These sharp sunflower sunnies are 👌🏻

More floral!
{source: via Pinterest

& even more florals!
I love these, definitely wearable too! 
{source: via Pinterest}

I love these, even with the creepy ants:

I mean these next two are a little out of hand... 
if you get what I'm sayin'
{source: via Pinterest}

{source: via Pinterest}

The side of these turainc frames are SO BEAUTIFUL, 
maybe not so functional, but incredibly beautiful! 

Speaking of turainc, so many beautiful options!

These animal frames are so cute! 
I love them! 

 These teddy bear Moschino Sunnies are so fun and cute! 
They were on sale from daniellep510 on Poshmark, but are sold out =(

All of these are amazing!

I love these half frame specs from Amorireyewear on Instagram:

{source: via Pinterest, might also be from a-morir}

 These Peter Coombs sunnies as 👀 on lofteyewearshow on Instagram
are also the perfect amount of "out there"

I love both of these sunnies from Kate Spade: 

I could be part of the Gucci gang with these sunnies: 
Top: Gucci GG0143S | Bottom: Gucci GG0212S both via

& these are just a little different, so wearable & beautiful!

These star studded sunnies are perfection too! 
{source: sold out from ascot + hart}

These frames are 3D works of art from Jackie Anderson:
{source: via Pinterest}

{source: via Pinterest}

I love all these fun frames from nina_mur_eyewear on Instagram:

You know I love me some mushroom clothing, 
but have these sunnies gone too far?!
{source: Virna Lisi photographed by Giancarlo Botti, c.1970 via Pinterest}

I do love these serious "cat eye" frames as 👀on EyeSpectacle, from Paris Miki:

I have the hots for these vintage flame glasses from ForeverFashionOnline on Etsy:

Why not accentuate your 3rd eye with these Kuboraum frames from gogoshaoptique:

Agreed Mindy Kaling, agreed. 
The bigger, the weirder, the more "out there" the better! 

I mean why not make a spectacle of yourself?!
That is the fun of eyewear! 

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