Saturday, June 9, 2018

Kate Spade Saturday, In Remembrance.

Aside from celebrating my dad's 60th birthday, 
the last week has been a rough one.

I am sure you have all heard by now of the suicides of Kate Spade on Tuesday June 5th,
and Anthony Bourdain yesterday, June 8th

I don't usually talk about the rough stuff on this blog, 
I like to keep this a creative, fun, happy place. 
I guess much in the spirit of the Kate Spade brand...

But this just sucks. 
What creative, magical people the world lost this week. 
Proof that just because you have money, fame, 
seemingly everything, and mental illness can still lurk and haunt the mind. 

After the sudden death of Kate Spade,
 my social media was full of personal stories of people's connection with Kate Spade. 
People shared their beautiful handbags and stories rewarding themselves after hard work 
or gifts to loved ones. 
{just a couple touching tributes on Instagram: valliegirl1 | missjohnna | indianaadams}

The Kate Spade brand has always been known as little tokens of happiness,
playful takes on everyday items and you just can't help but smile
 at the bright colors, patterns and shapes! 

I wanted to share my little Kate Spade collection and the story behind my pieces.

My first piece of Kate Spade was that bright/neon yellow bag.
My mom bought me that bag in celebration of completing her Doctorate.
We were deep in research and editing her paper for months 
and felt such achievement when it was submitted. 
I remember going to the outlets and picking out the brightest bag in the room 
and being so excited to have it be mine. 
Everytime I see this bag it makes me smile. 

When I saw the straw beetle bag, I immediately fell in love. 
A deep obsessive love. 
I have always driven a VW beetle, it is my dream car,
 and this bag was just too perfect.
My husband Charlie surprised me with it in 2014 and it is an amazing statement piece.
{See that post HERE}

I had been searching for the Kate Spade Emma clutch for years.
I came close many times and got the pencil case when I found it for a good price. 
I finally found the Emma clutch and was so happy to finally have my namesake piece!

One of my more recent pieces were my glitter Taxi flats, 
these shoes were on my wishlist from the second they walked across the runway. 
When I found them for a great price, I knew I needed them
Everytime I wear them they make me happy. 
They make me ready for NYC, excited for adventures and comfortable in my style.

I will forever love the Kate Spade brand, 
I am deeply saddened for her family and this tragic end. 

I also really enjoyed Anthony Bourdain's TV shows 
and hearing him talk about his love of food, traveling and people. 
I have been inspired to travel, explore, and eat street food, thanks to people like him.

You never know what lies behind the smiles on television or behind the camera. 
Not going to lie, 
the world seems a little less bright without Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain. 


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