Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Stage 5 Clinger.

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I think Stage 5 clinger is the perfect way to describe my pug Barry...

Before getting him more beds, 
I was moving the little one from the living room back and forth, 
but the issue is, Arnold also loves that bed...
I found him sitting in the same spot where the bed usually is, 
looking around very confused.

Such a cutie kitty! 

It was time for Barry to get a nice spring cleaning! 

& I took him outside to brush him out!
I am always amazed at how much hair comes off this little creature...

He really does make me melt.
Pugs are such friendly, cuddly, loving animals. 
I love him.

 Another Stage 5 Clinger is this shirt + legging combo...
Is this extreme static cling?
Or are these two clothing items in a long term relationship that I didn't know about??

What I Wore: glasses- Glasseslit, lips- Fenty "Glow", necklace- Hunt & Orchard, top -Primark, cardigan- Missoni for Target {thrifted}, leggings- LuLaRoe via seller Courtney Skuduski , flats- Marc Jacobs via Poshmark from seller onceuponarunway

The color and pattern of my Missoni for Target sweater in this outfit 
is giving me similar vibes as the new "Teller Pills" cans that Vault Brewing Co.
(my place of work) just posted on Instagram

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