Friday, November 3, 2017

neutralize it in new Zenni glasses!

 Zenni Optical reached out to me and asked if I wanted to try out a new pair of glasses 
from their neutral collection.
I said "Of COURSE!"
This collection is perfection & I have wanted a clear pair for a while. 
I blogged about clear glasses in my Crystal Clear Spectacular Sunday post  
but had yet to pull the trigger and get myself a pair.

Zenni had so many cute pairs to choose from in their neutral collection
1. #7810723 in "Translucent" - also love them in "Brown"
2. #662916 in "Translucent" {The ones I picked!}
3. #2018717 in "Pattern"
4. #2018223 in "Gray"
5. #662916 in "Pink"
6. 2018717 in "Translucent"
7. #2018219 in "Pink"
8. 7810017 in "Purple"
10. #7811123

& the collection is aways changing!
I love these new green babies {#2018217}: 

I picked out #662916 in "Translucent",
 I was intrigued by the shape and blue hue in the translucent frame.
They arrived about a week or so later but the Rx was all wrong...

I mean, you can tell.
My eyes look bugged out and the lenses were so thick. 
They instantly made me nauseous when I put them on. 

Please keep in mind that I already have a few pairs of Zenni glasses 
& have never had this problem before.
As soon as I brought this up to my contact at Zenni and she immediately offered to replace them.

{I did have a similar issue with one of my Glasseslit pairs, if you remember that post,
they also offered to replace them with a new pair.}   

Overall I have had great experiences receiving and buying glasses online
and have been happy with the customer service response from these companies too. 

With my pair with new lenses my contact at Zenni informed me that they upgraded my lenses 
with "Beyond UV Blue Blocker"
I have heard of this technology but have not had the opportunity to try it yet, 
I read up on it on the Zenni website: 

I was interested to see them in real life. 
The second pair has the right prescription and has a slight yellow tint,
 which I suppose is caused by the "Beyond UV Blue Blocker"
but they are still so cute! 
I love them! 

Check out this awesome feature on Zenni Blog:

"bespectacled lens aficionado, who is partially partial to all things leopard print"
I don't think I have ever heard my style described so perfectly,
thanks Matt Souza from the Zenni Blog!

I also enjoyed this neutral tone break down:

What I Wore: glasses- c/o Zenni Optical #662916 in "Translucent", necklace- Hunt & Orchard, top- Gap, jeans- Kohls, flats- Macy's 

Holy Cow, 
fall is in full swing! 

What do you think?
Are you on board with the neutral glasses trend?
Do you like translucent frames?

Have you tried "Blue Blocker" lenses?! 
Let me know! 

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