Sunday, November 19, 2017

Spectacular Sunday: SEE Eyewear

I have been spying on SEE Eyewear for a while now, 
{ever since I fell in love with some glittery frames}

There are so many interesting styles and TONS of color combinations,
 but they change so quickly! 
Here one moment, gone the next.
Get um' while they are hot! 
1. As seen on SEE Eyewear on Instagram SEE 5376
{feat: Lindsayvictory on Instagram- no longer on their website}
2. As seen on SEE Eyewear's Instagram:
Top: SEE 3630 | Bottom: SEE 2357 {no longer on their website, similar style is SEE 1527}
3. As seen on SEE Eyewear's Instagram SEE 4441 
{feat: Margiee329 - available in select stores only}
6. {no longer available online}
7. SEE 6833 {red no longer available online}
8. {no longer available online- similar style to my new loves SEE 8126
last picture in this post}
9. SEE 6833 {blue no longer available online}
10. SEE 6833 in "Tokyo Gold Teal Crystals"

So a couple of months ago SEE Eyewear called me to ask if I wanted to come in 
and interview for a sales position at their Ardmore, PA location.
 Even though I had just started my job at Vault Brewing Company
and my internship/position with Mo Eyewear was starting to take shape, 
I decided to go check it out. 

**Spoiler Alert**
Did not take the job, could not make the commute/time commitment right now.

I have been eyeing their eyewear for a while and wanted too see the selection and quality unclose...
**Warning** Many selfies to come... 
{See my whole outfit from my interview HERE}

I was immediately drawn to the crystal collections, 
I love some sparkle in my specs! 

I tried on the SEE 6833 in "Tokyo Gold Teal Crystals"

I loved the clear pastels in their SEE Core Collection:

& loved this frosted pair:

I have been searching for a mustard pair of glasses, 
with no such luck yet. 
I liked these but not the clear color:

These were definitely closer to what I am looking for, but not perfect yet!

Also enjoyed these purple frames {SEE 9276}

These clear but rimmed multi-colored tortoise frames {SEE 7224}
were definitely a favorite from my visit:

They are so cute!

I loved the flat top shape of these red + tortoise frames: 

Absolutely loved these perforated frames: 

I was really interested in trying on these gold frames,
 they look so interesting on their social media, 
but I did not like the shape on. 
Too much metal, a little skinner would have been more flattering:

This pink top frame is so cute!
I love the shape of them too!

I loved this mix of matte and red:

I loved this shiny teal color:

Perhaps my favorites, and most ridiculous pairs I tried on were the SEE 4450,
I saw them on SEE's Instagram and fell in love with the mirror coated nylon finish!

I became immediately obsessed with the Ellen Ruth Accessory Series at SEE Eyewear
these designs are SO CUTE! 
I love this eyeglass case!

I have also recently fallen in love with these "Nude Silver" 
patterned round SEE 4448 beauties: 

& LOVE LOVE LOVE these SEE 8126:

The snake print, the orange tops, 
AH. It's love at first sight {love at first SEE?}

Since SEE Eyewear does partner with Groupon
the Ardmore location has a Groupon right now- $39 for $200 pair of glasses:


Might have to take them up on it...

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