Saturday, November 25, 2017

November Humble Beauty Opinion #48

Last Saturday of the month = Humble Beauty Opinion! 

Lets start with subscription boxes!
This month I got my seasonal Walmart beauty box:
So far I am enjoying the Gold Bond lotion, needed more flossers, 
& I was surprised by how much I like the Body Fantasies perfumes 

This month's Sephora Play is decent,
I do love the Sephora Gel Gloss a lot & the My Burberry Blush scent is really nice,
I still have to try the other products

This month's Ipsy is nice too, 
I love the Lisa Frank bronzer {mainly the packaging, let's be honest}
I also love the Colourpop single shadow and I have been enjoying the foundation:

A HUGE favorite this month has been my new Pinky Rose "Runway" palette,
when I saw that Pinky Rose is now for sale at Ricky's in NYC,
 I was so excited to see these palettes in  real life!

I went looking for the "Transition Palette" it looks so beautiful!

Ricky's didn't have that palette, 
but they did have the "Runway Palette" and when I swatched it, 
I fell in love with all the yellows and greens!
It is beautiful:


This palette makes me:
{Love this little quote from the new Mally line now available at Kohls 👆}

I have loved all the makeup looks I have done with my new Pinky Rose Runway Palette,
especially this look from my "3 reasons to shop vintage" post:

& this look from my TPRFM @ NCBC Micro Market post:

After seeing how high quality Pinky Rose eyeshadows are, 
I really want to get the "Bright Lights" palette, 
it looks amazing! 

The only thing that I ordered this Black Friday 
was a couple of single shadows from Devinah Cosmetics,
they were 50% off I couldn't help myself!

I have "Courtney" & I love it, 
{see my swatch HERE & a makeup look HERE}
and after I saw this swatch of "Naevia" I knew I wanted to add it to my collection, 
I should have also purchased "Naval" but I forgot =(

But I did pick up: "Lucretia", "Naevia", "Push", "Capri" all for $15!

This month's wishlist:
I want at least three of the polishes from the Lips + Tips KL Polish x Colourpop collection,
I want: "Taurus", "Point Zero", "Lumiere"

I also am so attracted to this neon green shade "305":

I really want to try this 24K Gold Glitter Balm from Winky Lux
that looks so pretty on Influenster's Instagram:

Spotted this "Bo-ing" pencil case from Benefit at Ulta:

& this month's empties, 
aka the products I have loved/tolerated either way they are all used up!
bath: Revlon "Natural Blue Black" & "Violet Black"- yes I used both this month! / Makeup Remover Wipes from CVS- these were $1 each and pretty good / Secret Outlast deodorant in "Protecting Powder"- these are my favorite deodorants / Up & Up "Cleansing Wash"- Target store brand, its pretty good / "Pumpkin Cinnamon Swirl" Scentsy sample from my "Let's {Finally} Try Scentsy" post- loved this scent, would purchase! / "Cozy Flannel" candle from Target- I liked this scent but not as much as the "Cozy Nights" scent, that one is the best ever! / Dove "Sensitive Skin"- a classic! / ClariSEA "Deep-Pore Detox Activated Charcoal Exfoliating Mask"- got this as a sample from Ipsy or Sephora Play, it lasted a long time, kinda hard and messy to use. It was good at drying out any skin issues / St. Ives Apricot Scrub- another classic, this is a must in my skin care routine! / Kirkland brand Advil- what a great Costco purchase, it's worth the investment! / Redken "Texture 12 Rough Paste"- I have had this forever, dug it out and finally used it up, definitely gives some serious texture / TRESemme Hair Spray- this is a good basic hairspray / Nexxus "Vitall 8-in-1"- a nice hair mask although there wasn't a lot in this sample / Nivea "2 in 1 Exfoliates and Moisturizers"- I am not sure I like this stuff, my skin did not feel moisturized after 

beauty: essence "keep it perfect!" setting spray- I have really been enjoying this, probably my second favorite after the good old Urban Decay "All Nighter" / e.l.f. "Makeup Mist & Set"- this is another good one for the price, not the best but decent / ChapStick Moisturizer- I have had this forever and finally finished it! I used it as a night time mask / First Aid Beauty "Coconut Skin Smoothie Priming Moisturizer"- this has a very sweet and familiar smell, overall I liked it / Olay "Tone Perfecting Cream"- this is also a nice moisturizer but this sample is too small to see if it actually works / Nivea "Cherry Blossom & Jojoba Oil" lotion- this sample is TINY, barely got to try it, based on the scent I think its a pass / Smashbox "Photofinish Primer Oil"- I have mixed feelings about this, for that I would not spend the money / Makeup Forever Ulta HD Skin Booster- this was a nice serum, but wouldn't not spend the $$ / Hourglass stick foundation in "Shell"- from a Sephora Play box, I think this shade was too yellow for my skin, I would like to try a different shade, but I don't think a stick foundation is my cup of tea

Happy Humble Beauty! 
What are you loving/hating/begrudgingly trying to finish up?

Do share!

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