Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Children of the Corn : Vault Brewing Halloween Party 2017

Last night we went to the 2017 Vault Brewing Stephen King Halloween Party 
2016 we went as Zombies for A Nightmare on Main Street, 
{I was "The Walking Unemployed", ironic since The Vault is now my place of employment}

Charlie and I decided to go as Children of the Corn to stay on theme
{source: rogerebert

Our inspiration: 

My inspiration was this girl: 

I had to open the Vault and work a double, 
but after a last minute trip to Spirit Halloween
I was ready to go. 

I wasn't a witch...
but I will take the full ratings anyway! 

If people were scared by my costume, my coworker Renee was terrifying:

The Vault always throws a good party! 

I love these REDRUM glasses

I am so happy I got out of work in time to hang out with my hubby:

We met up with Andy in another interpretation of "Children of the Corn":

Working at the Vault is lots of fun with these peeps,
the bartender, Dallas, had the perfect costume for the bartender in The Shining: 

It was perfect:
{source: via}

The decor also included Pet Sematary


Of course: IT

My favorite part of the decor was the missing children posters 
featuring the childhood pictures of the staff:

After the party I decided to use the posters to redecorate the back work station

I loled at this Instagram post from eyeamoptometrist:

& laughed my ass off at my sister Audrey and mom's Halloween costume: 

There's only 365 days left 'til next Halloween!

& I already can't wait!

P.S. I am obsessed with this sugar skull Jack from Nightmare Before Christmas
that I got at Spirit Halloween:
That mani has definitely been a favorite this Halloween season.
Black base: OPI "Never Have too Mani Friends"
Red glitter: "Today I Accomplished Zero"

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