Monday, October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween! Vault party recap!

I laughed out loud at this post from MakeupforGlasses on Instagram:

It stinks that it is a Monday!
My sister Audrey summed up it perfectly with this shared post:

But last week we celebrated properly with the annual Halloween party at The Vault in Yardley, PA,
this year's theme was "A Nightmare on Main St." and you could wear whatever you wanted!
{last year's theme was Game of Thrones & was so much fun!}

I love these glasses that came with the entry fee and first beer included!

The Vault always throws a great party,
When they said creepy appetizers were included, they were not kidding!
Check out this post from the preparation on their Facebook:

My sister Audrey stepped up her zombie makeup game
with some liquid latex and creepy contacts!

Man she is getting good at this!
Watch out Zombie Walk!

She made Charlie a bullet wound for his Pablo Escobar outfit,
I love how his costume came out!

I did my zombie makeup!

Pablo Escobar / "The Walking Unemployed" / "The Walking Debt" / "Emergency Medical Staff"

As expected, The Vault outdid themselves again with the decor!

Stranger Things wall, complete with demon coming out:


Best in show was Andy in his Psycho "Shower Scene" costume,
Hilarious and so well done, complete with a stabbing sword above his head!
& his wife Jackie {the mastermind behind both costumes} was Regan from The Exorcist

Eye ball cake pops to finish off the creepy food!

Other side of the bar was very Blair Witch inspired

These handmade Martha and Adam costumes were incredible!

Decor was complete with some "Bloody Mary" in the bathroom...

Let's just say I had a little too much fun,
as per usual.

Thank God Charlie took me to Nomad Pizza the next day for lunch

Nothing fixes a little over indulgence like a margarita pizza & a Mexican coke

Have a safe and fun Halloween,
Trick or Treat!

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