Sunday, October 16, 2016

Sunday Funday: Thrift HAUL to CELEBRATE!

I decided to switch up my interview look & I recently had a great one 
{details to come when confirmed!}
To celebrate I had to get one of my favorite ice creams from Hoffman's

What I Wore: glasses- Kensie, lips- Rimmel Kate "17", top- vintage, blazer- Gap, pants- Anthropologie, flats- vintage Isaac Mizrahi, bag- REED x Kohls

Also celebrated by doing another favorite activity: THRIFTING!
I found this crazy blazer and made my sister take a picture to see how it looked on,
needless to say I loved it, it came home with me.

This Goodwill had so much good stuff!
I loved these leather chairs, this concrete bodice sculpture was amazing
& I loved this mustard velvet chair
I took home this umbrella holder,
I have been looking for something like this to hold my peacock feathers
that used to be above my bed at my parent's house.
Also had to take home this wooden lady!

This umbrella holder was perfect for the feathers,
now they have a prime spot by the fireplace, where they belong!

The umbrella holder also had this metal bowl in the bottom,
which makes a perfect candle holder!

& I added the lady to our movie shelf in the living room

Besides home decor, so much good clothing!
Including a JCrew denim jacket for $4.99 + a never worn Michael Kors dress for $8!

I was joking with my sister Audrey that someone had to have died that was my size in shoes,
with excellent taste in vintage shoes because there was so many amazing pairs!
All about $6 and all in brand new condition!

After thrifting we stopped by Kane Brewing,
I had the Hop Lab Motueka IPA and it was delicious!

Picked up two bottles of their 5 year anniversary brew for the hubby too

We also ate at Kim Marie's Eat N Drink Away,
I have been wanting to try this restaurant for about a year now

I loved the decor of this restaurant, exposed brick, vintage details,
stained glass with a nautical hint = so perfect!
Hard to capture this late at night but trust me, the decor is great!

Great beer list in cute mason jar mugs with handles,
but food wise: I had the shrimp and grits and it was not great,
neither were the appetizers we had, not sure I would come back for the food

I also donated a bag of clothes to the Goodwill,
 and laughed out loud with this meme I saw on Sarcastic Mama on Facebook,
originally from @wivesnightin.
It is so true!

I also wanted to share this article that I saw on Refinery 29 via Huffington Post,
interesting inside look at what they do with the clothes you donate.
Worth a read if you are an avid thrifter and/or donator

What are your thoughts on the Goodwill business plan?
Does it change where/if you donate there?

I have mixed feeling on it, but love to shop there!
A perfect celebration of a great interview!

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