Monday, October 3, 2016

The Walking Unemployed


So excited that last weekend was another successful Zombie Walk in Asbury Park, NJ!
The event had to be rescheduled last year due to a hurricane
and it was taken over by the bar Johnny Mac this year.

We spent the night before prepping our outfits!
& eating Halloween cookies!

Time to break out the blood!

I thrifted my whole outfit:

& picked up a couple of Zombie makeup kits from Target:

I did my own makeup and was pretty impressed/happy with how it came out!

In 2013 we were blood donors:

In 2014 we "woke up like this"

& In 2016- I was "The Walking Unemployed"

It is scary (pun intended) how well this play on words works,
and just how accurate it is.

I had an argument with my husband about "not using my real resume for my costume".
I said, "What is going to happen? One will fall off or someone will take one and give me a job?!"
One can only hope/pray!

My sister Audrey went as "The Walking Debt"

Mom went as "Family Vacation",
pretty hilarious considering the chaos from our Denver trip...

We headed to Asbury Park to check out the other zombies!

These mermaid and fisherman costumes was so awesome,
the hook in the lip was so well done!

We got a beer at Anchor's Bend,
because zombies need beer too!

This clown was so creepy, lots of clowns in the news these days...

These old school costumes were perfect for Asbury Park!

We got the "backstage" treatment and got to go up to the roof!
We passed through this awesome theater that I didn't know existed in the Convention Center,

Got to see the whole walk!

This clown's makeup was incredible.
He made the whole thing!
He is also wearing a go-pro which would be hilarious to watch
because everyone was running from him, it was that scary.

A sad Gene Wilder from Willy Wonka =(

I knew that there would be a few Trumps/Hilary zombies,
but this group was hilarious.
All their friends were secret service and they stayed in character the whole walk.

{Source: RV Photography on Facebook}

I am so happy Johnny Mac took over the event!
There was a live band at the end of the walk and people were dancing and taking pictures,
it was awesome!

Asbury has become such a cool place

We went to Asbury Bier Garten to hang out and relax,
they had a polka band!

We went upstairs to find a lot of fellow zombies

We went to the Brick Wall for dinner,
I had my usual, shrimp and grits, and it was SO GOOD.
It is my favorite, but this time was particularly delicious!

We walked to Johnny Macs for the after party,
I loved this octopus light that I saw at an art gallery on the way!

I had so much fun!
The Zombie Walk is always a good time!

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