Saturday, October 8, 2016

Shopping Cart Saturday

I mean, this is so accurate:

Here is what is in my online shopping cart this week!
1. & 2. October is breast cancer awareness month and I love these "Think Pink" glasses.
Zenni will donate $2 from each pair!
3. I love the customizable bracelets from Stone Copper
4. & 5. Pura Vida Mandala bracelets, I love the Columbia Blue color!
6. Atlas Collar from BaubleBar {$62}
7. I love these stone necklaces from Buttercup Jewelry on Instagram, I can't wait to see them at the next TPRFM, may have to get this multicolored one!
8. Cactus Earrings from Smurfette1031 on Poshmark {$5}
9. Mountain Earrings from Pannikin on Etsy but the link is not working anymore =(
10. Flower Fabric Studs, perfect florals for fall/winter via Buttercup Jewelry {$10}

I feel like every fall I always crave a little pine cone necklace,
this rose gold one from Black Kollabo on Etsy is just perfect!

I also fell in love with this oyster print from Shop Borough,
how perfect would this be for some summer loving, next summer since this one flew away,
pretty pricy at $160 though =(

When I saw this Frida pattern on Striped Olive on Instagram
I fell head over heels,
this shop is mainly children's clothing, but I had to ask if she made any for ladies
& she said she has material to make the skirt in a woman's size!
HAD TO ORDER- so excited to have this, Frida is one of my favorites!

I will be shopping Striped Olive on Instagram when ever I have my own mini humans to dress,
she has such cute stuff!

I also love this denim tunic that I saw on mtcloset on Instagram,
I told you, I am loving raw hem denim!

Fall has brought some amazing decor and clothing to Target, as expected!
I love these fabric pumpkins!
Check out your local Target to see the selection since it varies!

I also love these plates that Whoa Wait Walmart posted on Instagram from Walmart,
they are so pretty!
I love the combo of fall leaves and feathers!
Must check them out in store!

These plates are so cute that I spotted at Cosco!
I also loved these two tables, I love the mixed matched look to them,
how cute would they both be as side tables!

There has, of course, been a lot of Leopard Love in my shopping cart recently!
1. The REED collection at Kohls updated their collection for fall and I died, where was this leopard print when I was making my last REED bag decision?!
2. REED RK40 Medium Belted Convertible Satchel, I may or may not have ordered this... I did want a belted bag from this collection, since my last has the "Boxer" style and I love both!
3. REED Double Zipper Wallet, love that this can be used as a clutch when running errands {$36}
4. Kate Spade mullins place lacey wallet {$278}
5. Kate Spade mullins place pouch {$198}
6. Betsey Johnson leopard sequin wallet from Kcigler on Poshmark {$15}
So I had to get this while writing this post,
I mean it is like a combo between the REED leopard wallet
& the sequins from the new Kate Spade wallets!
7. Happy Plugs leopard headphones {$35}

how pretty is this Saddle Cordovan color combo, SO BEAUTIFUL FOR FALL! 
Heart eyes for days.

What is in your cart this week?
Come on, you know you do it too =)

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