Sunday, October 2, 2016

Sunday Shopping

Following bustle on Instagram is full of inspiration,
like this nugget of truth {originally from Modcloth}:

Especially since my birthday month has come to a close,
I have some shopping to share!
1. As soon as I saw these leopard K5090 glasses on Firmoo's Instagram {pictured on isognidellaele} I knew I had to check them out! I ended up getting them in both colors, especially since it was buy one get one free! Two pairs of prescription glasses for $30! To be fair, and not make me look completely psychotic, I ordered these before my 10/10 Optics adventure to the Faniel Trunk Show. I know I am an eye glass addict but that was a little much, even for me! #noragrets
2. Pug Shorts from The Crop Stop are too cute, I needed them! Can't wait to cuddle with my pug in these pug shorts.
3. I love these unfinished raw hem jeans that I saw on Kohl's Instagram, I had to find them online. I got them in the dark wash and they fit amazingly! Raw hem is all the rage this season- I saw tons in Target last week. 
4. I contacted ggc_sales on instagram because the last order I placed never arrived. She apologized for the oversight and offered to send me a free item from the shop, I picked these American Eagle jeans and I am so happy I did because they are so comfortable and fit perfectly too! 
5. I took advantage of the buy 2-get-one-free offer from myrotatingcloset on instagram, I love this vintage card blouse!
6. I have loved these white ceramic houses at Target for a few months now, I was so happy to find them on sale for $3! 

Happy Sunday Shopping! 

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