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14 Companies Making Recycled Trash Into Spectacular Specs!

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In my eyeglass industry research / obsession, 
I have come across so many interesting companies that are using recycled materials to create spectacular specs and I could not wait to compile them and share them on the blog! 

So here they are: 14 Companies Making Recycled Trash Into Spectacular Specs!
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Note: Specific frames are not linked because many times these are one of a kind pieces. 
Hit up the linked companies for the available frames!

My first rendezvous into recycled materials in eyewear 
was when I met Anne-Marie Faniel owner and designer behind Faniel Eyewear.
She was so passionate about using 100% recycled acetate 
and being hands on with the recycling process.

When I did a media kit on Faniel Eyewear for my Publicity Workshop class this summer, 
I found these amazing photos that add great visuals to the process:



I am loving their newest line "Pelleas" that Faniel Eyewear recently shared on their Instagram:
These fish scale eyewear and googles, created by student Erik deLaurens, are so cool! 
He was on the short list for the ‘Sustain RCA award 2011’

These Karun x Patagonia sunglasses side shields are made from reclaimed salmon skin.
They were very limited edition, released in Feb 2016 and only in Chile:

I love these Dresden glasses,
they are a zero waste company.
Their regular frames are made out of recyclable nylon:  

 They even have glasses made out of the plastic circle from the top of milk jugs & kegs,
donated by local cafes and breweries!

Cool glasses that also get the community involved!
I love that! 

The next company is eye DNA,
may be my FAVORITE out of all of these! 
They are made out of shells and are BEAUTIFUL! 

These recycled hemp fibers make such interesting frames from hemp eyewear,
I love them! 

These wood frames with mother of pearl are so beautiful from Hera Art & Luxury:

These Mosevic denim frames are joining my love for clothing with glasses 
& I am loving them!
Check out their process HERE, it is so interesting! 

These Norton Point sunglasses clean up the ocean with every pair! 


I would LOVE to wear any & all of these O!Tree glasses,
made with 100% cork temples, they are SO CUTE! 

I am obsessed with these paper glasses from Paper Style Eyewear,!

I want these badly! 
The possibilities are endless with the designs too! 
✔ them out on Youtube: 

These Uptitude sunglasses glasses are made out of snowboards and skis!
I love the designs of these!
They are currently sold out of the optical glasses,
 I would love to see what those look like!

I first noticed Vinylize through LoftEyeWearShow on Instagram:

{source: lofteyewearshow on Instagram}

These are SO COOL.
I especially love this pink pair made
from the Macklemore and Ryan Lewis "The Heist" album!

You can even exchange vinyl for discounts on these amazing frames,
learn more HERE!

Sea2See Eyewear are made out of plastic from the ocean and fishnets:

✔ them out on Youtube: 

Speaking of products made from ocean plastic, 
I love these bracelets from 4Ocean:

So many awesome companies making great frames!
Which ones are your favorite?

Do you know of any other eyewear companies using recycled materials? 
Please share! 

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