Friday, November 10, 2017

Lets {Finally} Try Scentsy!

Seriously, can we? 👇
While {finally} trying Scentsy too?!

When I {finally} tried Lularoe in March
I was pleasantly surprised to see what the hype was all about for myself.
& I am still enjoying all my LuLaRoe pieces!

& When I {finally} got to try Lipsense in August, 
I was SHOCKED at the longevity of this product. 

So far so good with the direct-to-consumer business models, mainly seen on Facebook...

This time, I decided to {finally} try Scentsy,
one of the girls I work with at the Vault, Renee, is a Scentsy retailer.
When she brought in a catalogue, 
I was intrigued, but wasn't really planning on purchasing anything.

But when I saw these Calavera Warmer & Calavera Mini Warmer
I knew I needed to have them.
My hubby has been mad at me on a number of occasions {rightfully so} 
because I have left candles on when we leave the house. 
Incredibly dangerous with our crazy fur babies, I know, I know. 

These are the perfect solution to still getting the scents of candles burning 
but the safety of knowing your fur babies are safe from their antics.
& you should know I can't say no to sugar skulls...

They are so CUTE!

I got the scents: Amazon Rain / Cashmere Pear / Bergamot & Solar Driftwood / Cozy Fireside / Everything Nice / White Tea & Cactus 
& samples for: Pumpkin Cinnamon Swirl & Sea Salt and Avocado 

Time to install them!
The Calavera Mini Warmer is so perfect in our bathroom

I decided to try the Pumpkin Cinnamon Swirl first 
and was happily surprised that the samples were little hearts! 
So cute & they smell AMAZING! 
Instantly smelled up the whole room

I set up the Calavera Warmer on the little highchair in the dining room:

I love him!

I think Barry likes him too...

With my first successful foray into Scentsy
I am now checking out warmers to add to the bathroom upstairs 
& one in my attic closet! 
Possible warmers for the upstairs bathroom:
2. Charity Warmer {$30}

Possible warmers for my attic closet
7. Bon Voyage Warmer {$35}

What do you think?! 

Have you tried Scentsy?
If so- what is your favorite scent? 
Do share! 

I do think I am hooked on these great scents,
 without the threat of burning down my house...

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