Saturday, August 5, 2017

Get You Some Sense {LipSense, that is!}

When ClassyCajunCloset reached out to me on Instagram 
and asked if I wanted to try a LipSense color from her Color Her Classy store,
I was so excited!
I am sure you have heard about these lip kits that seem to be taking over these days,
I have been curious {especially after seeing YouTuber Tati's review}

I was between three colors: 

I decided to go for the Blu-Red,
 I figured I would get the most wear out of that kind of shade. 
It's one of my favorite colors and makes your teeth look whiter! 

To be honest, I had no idea what to expect. 
My expectations were pretty low because there seems to be a lot of hype around these
and the people I know who are selling these are not really makeup-wearing ladies.

So I applied the lip color following the three step method around 2 PM: 

First thoughts:
- it does burn a little bit on first application, just a little,
not like the fire I experienced with that Lancôme face peel from Influenster...
- it is not as sticky as I thought it would be
- the application was pretty easy, but also easy to miss a spot, which I did in the inner lip but I fixed it

Time to go about my day and test this baby out!

I went about my day, 
reapplied the gloss maybe 3 times although my lips never really felt that dry. 

I took my outfit pictures AFTER dinner {5:30 PM ish}
& this is how the LipSense from Color Her Classy held up:

What I Wore: glasses- Warby Parker, lips- LipSense "Blu-Red" c/o Color Her Classy, top- vintage, shorts- Anthropologie, flats- Target, bag- Rebecca Minkoff


& it really is transfer proof!
Charlie was hesitant but it really is! 

I thought, "how long can this really last"
So I decided to wear it until bed {9 PM} where it still looked decent, 
although I look exhausted...

& decided to sleep in it 
and it still looked decent in the AM.

This stuff is crazy! 
Even still had some color left after a shower, 
exfoliated my lips to get the rest off!
After removing it my lips did not feel raw, red, or dry. 
I was really surprised because after a day of liquid lipstick my lips can sometimes really hate me.

Another note: I also tried this product on my mom for a day of running around NYC,
it did not last as long on her,
 but I think that she needed to apply more of the top coat gloss consistently.
Mom also said she bought this product like 10 years ago at a convention, she remembers not really loving it but I am not sure she followed the directions properly... 

I will continue to try out this product but first impressions are certainly IMPRESSIVE! 

& I just had to share this post:

What do you think of the LipSense trend?
Have you tried it? 
Are you a fan? 
Does it last this long on you? 

Do share! 

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