Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Chosen 3rd Skin- my floral sleeve tattoo Day 1 {session 1- lines!}

If the clothing we choose to wear is considered our 2nd skin, 
I would like to think that tattoos could be considered a chosen 3rd skin.

I shared my tattoo collection last August & my goodness my collection has grown!
Posts about specific tattoos:

But this summer I have been working on my ultimate tattoo, 
I have always wanted a botanical sleeve of some sort,
and have been searching for the perfect artist. 

I was blown away with the work on Dorothy's Instagram:

I decided to make an appointment to talk about my ideas with Dorothy 
at her studio Trinity Tattoo Collective in Queens

I brought her this inspiration: 
pow wow flowers / poppy flowers / barley / mushrooms / hop vine / lavender 

She took all that and made this beauty:

I was so excited! 
I made my appointment in February but her earliest was June, 
so I had to wait! 

We had to make some minor adjustments to fit around my pin up lady and monsters.
But it was finally the day to get started with the lines:

When Dorothy was done she wrapped my tattoo with Tegaderm,
this was my first experience with the clear bandage,
it is such a cool way to protect and heal a new tattoo.
You can still see the tattoo, shower with it on,
and don't have to worry about your clothes rubbing on it!
So easy, especially for summer!

What I Wore: glasses- Firmoo, lips- Essence "Coral Calling", top- thrifted, shorts- H&M, loafers- vintage, tote- FIT School Book Store

Celebrated the 1st session at Julia's Beer & Wine Bar,
I love this little spot, and this bubbly was so good too!

Tegaderm was all fun and games until I went to take it off in two days, 
wow it was painful, like pulling off a bandaid but way worse.
Hurt more than getting the actual tattoo! 
My hubby recently got a new tattoo and used Tegaderm 
and it was a much easier process for him,
so to each their own.

I mean the convenience may still be worth healing the tattoo this way!

I eventually got the bandage off and I was shocked at how healed it already felt and looked!

Thanks Dorothy,
I am obsessed! 

NYC, you're so pretty and host so many creative amazing artists! 

Stay tuned for this whole process this week on the blog!
Tomorrow: I am sharing the lines all healed up
Thursday: Getting color!
Friday: All healed up

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