Saturday, August 26, 2017

August Humble Beauty Opinion #45!

You know the most exciting thing to happen in Humble Beauty this month 
was the acquisition of the Jaclyn Hill x Morphe palette! 

It arrived the day I wrote my July Humble Beauty Opinion post,
 so I didn't get to play with it before giving an true opinion.

But let me tell you, 
I am obsessed. 
It is really really good.
I have been using it everyday. 

Worth every penny.

I loved this month's Sephora Play bag, 
it is so cute (& totally me)

Product wise- I love: the Korres "Golden Krocus Ageless Saffron Elixir Serum"
& any and all Caviar hair products (they smell amazing!)
The perfume this week is the "My Burberry Black" and I am enjoying it.

I have used the mini Beauty Blender for liquid highlighter and I like it, not sure it is necessary in my beauty collection though.
I have not tried the Clinique mascara or Hourglass foundation stick yet.

I loved Sephora's take on the Periodic Table:

Knew that the insert and bag would need to become some of my decor,
they are too perfect!

This month's Ipsy was decent.
I don't like the bag itself, already donated it. 
They have been so cute lately, this one was definitely not up to par.

I like the Pacifica "Blush Duo", eye cream and the balm sample.
The Sundays polish in #7 is a really nice nude color, I love the formula.
I also loved the little note inside the box of this nail polish. 
It said, "We Never Have To Scarify For Beauty; We Are All Beautiful In Our Own Way."

 I also redeemed the Absolute New York "Cotton Candy Liner" in "Jelly Bean".
I can't wait to use it!

Looks like it is going to be so bright and beautiful!

Beauty Wishlist:
I am currently in search of the new Wet n Wild "Midnight Mermaid Collection".
Especially that HIGHLIGHTER! 😍

& imma need this Balmain x Loreal "Confidence" rose gold lipstick, so beautiful.

& this "Fever"shade is so pretty too!

Okay so maybe I really want all of them...

bath empties: bigsexyhair "Spray & Play"- I have had this hairspray since college... FINALLY used it up. I am not a huge fan, hence why it lasted so damn long / Loreal "Elnett Satin Extra Strong Hold Hair Spray" I don't like this hair spray either, smells a lot and too strong of a hold, creating a net look, I like it more "touchable" / Revlon "Burgundy Black"- one of my favorite hair colors! / Manic Panic "Green Envy"- I used this in my conditioner to keep my emerald green hair bright, it worked decently, but I still think it only holds to the already dyed sections of my hair not the new growth at the roots / Pears "Transparent Soap"- LOVE this stuff, I get it at the dollar store and it is a favorite / Loreal Ever Creme "Deep Nourish Shampoo"- I think I got this from Influenster, it was nice and I enjoyed it, I am really loving the hair mask that comes in this line / Pantene "Color Preserve Shine Conditioner"- I was thankful to have this in my shower with my color treated hair / Summer's Eve "Sheer Floral Cleansing Cloths"- I love these, game changer! / natureby "Aloe Essence Mask Sheet" from the Korean Grocery Store "H-Mart- I LOVE these! / Purifying Black Charcoal Mask- I was creeped out by this initially because it is in fact, black! But I really enjoyed it! Such a great face mask / Lush "Intergalactic Bath Bomb"- this was awesome, worth the hype / Simple "Sensitive Skin Experts Cleansing Facial Wipes"- these are great face wipes, I put them in my night stand for the late nights after the Vault, night-time routine game changer! / Coconut & Papaya bath bombs- these are nice, not as amazing as the Lush ones but still smell nice and help with a nice relaxing bath / Amie "Exfoliating Polish"- I loved this, much more creamy than the face scrub I usually use but I loved it, smelled nice and got the job done! / Dr. Teal's "Pink Himalayan Mineral Soak"- LOVE this product in every scent, so lovely in a hot bath 

beauty empties: Loreal Infallible "Makeup Extender Setting Spray"- this stuff is good, not as good as the UD "All Nighter" spray, I don't like the spray bottle though, I transfer it to an old UD one / Peter Thomas Roth "Water Drench"- I loved this, perfect for the summer, so lightweight and nice under makeup / Avance+ "Mattifying Emulsion"- this dries out my face so bad, not a fan, this is mattifying to the next level and not in a good way / Michael Kors sample perfume, not even sure which scent this is but I do not like this at all. I wore it to work and had to wash it off an hour later, gave me a headache, hopefully someone else will enjoy it / clean "Reserve Sueded Oud"- I enjoy this scent! / elf "Poreless Face Primer"- I enjoyed this, it is similar to the benefit "Porefessional" but much cheaper, the only thing I don't like is that you can't tell how much is left in the frosted bottle / Sumita "Brow Base"- I got this in a beauty subscription forever ago, I never used it as a brow base, I used it as a stick concealer and LOVED it, so much so that I bought it for my sisters and got myself a back up! 

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