Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Hair Evolution....

I was inspired by Chasing Davies' Hair Evolution Blog & Instagram post:

The idea of a hair evolution has recently been on my mind because
I did a thing...

A thing where I cut off my hair and dyed it green!!

I am loving it!
{Left: outfit post from Saturday / Right: outfit coming to the blog tomorrow!}

Of course the incredible, amazing, talented Erin is responsible for this creation,
check out her hairslayer Instagram
& if you are in the tri-state area give her a visit at Hair Cuttery,
seriously she is AMAZING!
{erin_hairslayer on Instagram}

I got my cut inspiration from JenSchmierer on Instagram:

Ellie Reed in her roll as Annie in GirlBoss on Netflix:

& color inspiration from imallaboutdahair on Instagram:

{source: imallaboutdahair on Instagram}

Green is just my latest hair color,
but lets take a look at my hair evolution:

When I was born/younger my hair was always a blond/dirty blond color:
{looks like I was born in the 1800s but it was the 90s... you get the point}

I have been a version of blond, whether it be sun-in (classic) or high lighted,
sometimes long but usually a shorter cut:

I was a layered blond/brown/black before starting college
& after college I returned to a more brown color palette:

I have pretty much been a complete rainbow over the years.
💁I was "strawberry shortcake" for my 21st birthday (I have had pink hair on and off throughout life)

💁I've been burgundy on and off too, usually done myself,
my favorites box colors: Revlon Colorsilk hair dye "Burgundy Black" or "Burgundy"

💁After my terrible haircut last year,
I dyed my hair with Garnier "Blue Black" and I enjoyed that color too (hated the cut though)!

I think the closest I've ever come to my "natural" hair color was for my wedding in 2013:
Hair: Erin
Makeup: Bobbi Lyn Makeup

When I saw this picture in one of my fashion textbooks I laughed out loud
and then thought back to my terrible haircut from last year...
that is what I get for using a gift certificate and not going to Erin

I love changing my hair,
with seasons, jobs, moods,
whenever and whatever color I want.

It will always grow back, right?

What about you, are you reluctant to change your hair?

Are you like my grandma and of the opinion that I "look better as a blond"?
{source: Sarah Andersen on Instagram}

Or green with envy?!

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