Saturday, June 24, 2017

June Humble Beauty #43

Last Saturday of the month = Humble Beauty Opinion! 
Here is what I am loving, buying, lusting after, and using up this month

I am loving this month's Ipsy bag!
The bag itself is now being used for all my lippies in my purse,
that NYX Whipped Lip & Cheek Soufflé in "Pink Cloud" is definitely a favorite this summer,
I didn't think I would like it as much as I do,
I have already worn it a bunch already {check it out on my face HERE}.

I love Trust Fund Beauty polishes, some of my favorite polishes,
always happy to have another shade,
 this one is called "What's a Budget"
{ironic and fitting...}

I was excited for the balm "Balm Springs" blush,
but when I used it I wasn't thrilled with the color pay off...

I redeemed 600 Ipsy points for this Star Crushed Minerals Halo Glitter in 24K Roseate,
I still have to really try it but it is really pretty but more chunky than I was expecting,
time to break out the glitter glue and play!

This month's Sephora Play is another good one too!
I love the Black Opium YSL perfume,
some people hate getting perfume samples,
I think they are perfect to try new scents and travel!

I can't wait to try this Kat Von D lippie,
these are great lipsticks I am happy to have this "K-Dub"  pink shade.
I have yet to try the other samples in this month's play
but I am already a fan of benefit's Porefessional so that is a great sample,
although I have SO MANY primers to use these days...

I love this girl on the insert...
this is totally me...

A beauty box that was not great this month was the Walmart Beauty Box,
just nothing special in this box, hardly anything in it at all...

I picked up more face masks at our local Korean grocery store H-Mart,
for a little over $1 each these are a favorite little treat!

This month I also attempted to get this year's ColourPop Birthday Cake Shadow,
it was such a pretty shade.
I love to get these every year: 2015 & 2016
But apparently you needed an order over $10 to get this free shadow,
although that has never been the case in past years,
and is not posted ANYWHERE (not on Instagram, not on their WEBSITE)

So I didn't end up getting one this year,
I even emailed customer service and they were not helpful.
I am disappointed not to have this year's birthday shadow 😭

I ended up ordering "Brady" and "Checkmate",
and no birthday shadow for me 😓

& when "Brady" arrived, it was falling out of the packaging,
I thought about putting it into a palette,
 but I heard they dry out if not sealed so I am just keeping it in there I guess...

I love these ColourPop palettes too,
they would be perfect for my growing collection of their single powder shadows,
{BTW "Paper Tiger" is still my fave, such a good color & now on sale for $4!}
Left: small palette {$7- holds 12 shadows} / Right: large palette {$10- holds 24 shadows}

This month I also restocked on some of my all-time favorite products:
Maybelline Age Rewind in "Light" and "Brightener" - these are THE BEST,
I promised myself I would use up most of my stock of other concealers before repurchasing these,
I did use up lots of my stock {see empties below} and could not wait to buy these again

& I repurchased the e.l.f "Jet Black" eyeliner for the 3+ time,
I love this eyeliner, especially for $2!

I finally got the Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker lipstick in "Love & O-Beige",
these smell wonderful and this color is so pretty!

I picked up some "Green Envy" Manic Panic at Mane Beauty in NYC,
I re-dyed my emerald hair, and added some of this to a conditioner to refresh my color,
working pretty well although will say I don't think that the green color attaches to my roots,
only the parts of my hair that have been previously dyed.
Thinking about going red and going back to green... not sure yet though

Beauty Wishlist:

In other beauty news,
the Jaclyn Hill x Morphe palette allegedly dropped,

I say allegedly because I have been prepping and planning for this and was on when it went up,
but I got this message at 11:04 and was "in line" for 45 mins

Then it stalled out at the shipping rates, and said that it was sold out.
THEN I got a message that I "left some great items in my cart"
What a funny joke.
So I didn't end up getting it, this time around.
Hopefully I will when it restocks, it looks beautiful!
{source: Trendmood1 on Instagram}

Jaclyn Hill x Becca also released a special "Champagne Pop" for the 2 year anniversary,
it is so pretty!
I already have it and have been loving it for 2 years 💕
{source- Jaclyn Hill on Instagram}

Trendmood1 on Instagram shared this Urban Decay Cosmetics NAKED Heat palette,
and I was like 😮
Looks so beautiful, I would love to swatch it in store:
A post shared by TRENDMOOD (@trendmood1) on

Trendmood1 also shared this beautiful the Balm Nude Beach palette,
and it looks so beautiful!
I have the Nude 'tude palette and I love it
{source- Trendmood1 on Instagram}

The KL Polish summer collection finally dropped too!
I love this shade "Ocean Drive", may have to purchase it...
This formula is so good. One of my favorites for sure
{source: klpolish on Instagram}

bath: St. Ives "Oatmeal & Shea Butter Body Lotion"- I had high hopes for this lotion because I love the St. Ives Apricot Face Scrub but it was just okay / Neutrogena "Body Clear Body Scrub"- Charlie loves this stuff, I used it in high school, it is a great body wash / Promise Organic "Coconut Milk Daily Facial Scrub", got this in an Ipsy bag and was AMAZING, I loved this stuff, comes in a close tie with my St. Ives Apricot Face Scrub that I have loved since middle school, I will have to purchase a full size of it when I am in the market for one! / Johnson & Johnson "baby soothing vapor bath"- I got this because Kathleen Lights on Youtube said she likes this bath when she has headaches, and it is nice, I enjoyed using it. Not sure it worked for headaches but I liked it. / Nature's Bounty "Hair, Skin, Nails" vitamins- I have heard good things about this so I got them at Costco, I didn't see any difference when using them / Bee & Flower "Rose Soap"- got this at an asian grocery store, it was nice! Especially this time of year / Kirkland Signature "Complete plus whitening"- also from Costco, a great toothpaste for a great price (aka exactly what Kirkland Signature is suppose to be!) / Marc Anthony "Deep Repair Aloe Vera Jasmine" conditioning treatment- got this in an Ipsy bag & enjoyed it but there was very little product in this tube / John Frieda "Frizz Ease"- I liked this conditioner, I am currently using it in a different pot with some Manic Panic in it to keep my color fresh / "White and Supple Skin & Facial Treatment" from an asian grocery store- this face mask is okay but I prefer the other type / Blueberry Essence Mask Sheet- I love these face masks! / Ros Argon Body Conditioner sample from Lush- I have heard great things about this, my hubby liked it more than I did but it was nice / Sephora "Express eye makeup remover wipe"- I have had these in my travel bag for a while and finally used one, it was pretty good, got the job done.

beauty: Garnier Fructis Style "Texture Tease"- I love this styling spray, I will have to repurchase ASAP! / MD Solar Sciences Mineral Screen Tinted Gel- put all of these in a little repurposed lush sample container and have been loving them / Maybelline Age Rewind in "Light"- this stuff is amazing {as said above} I carry one in my bag and love them! / L.A. Girl Pro Concealer in "Light"- I love this stuff but this packaging is not great when product gets low but for $3 this is great / e.l.f. BB Cream- one of my favorite BB Creams amazing for the price will re-purchase when I use up some others / Catrice "Liquid Camouflage" in Porcelain- Kathleen Lights on Youtube recommended this, it smells like paint and I do like it but the container snapped all of a sudden and I had to move whatever was left into a smaller container / NYX "HD Studio Finishing Powder"- I may have used this up a while ago and I liked it but now I am using it for my RCMA no color powder and it is a great container for that product since it comes in a spice jar... / Olay Regenerist Luminous "dark circle correcting hydraswirl" eye cream- I have had this FOREVER, I have really enjoyed it too! / Seche Vite "Dry Fast Top Coat"- this stuff is amazing, smells like toxins but really works, I am trying to use up other top coats that I have before purchasing another one of these but this is the best! / Miracle Skin Body 20- I have also had this forever, it made my arms and décolletage look amazing! / Smashbox X-Rated mascara- I liked this mascara more than I thought I would and it lasted for a long time.

candles: Opia "Lemon & Green Tea" candle from Primark- this smells so good! The candles at Primark are the best! / Garden Party candles- I recently got these from the Dollar Tree and they smell so nice, perfect for this time of year, gotta get more! / Vanilla candles are also from Dollar Tree, I love having these on hand for various candle holders around the house! / Honeysuckle Jasmine candle from Walmart, also perfect for this time of year, gotta get more! My candle stock is running low!

Loved this Instagram from doseofcolors,
so true:

Today is also Barry's 6th Birthday!
I can't believe we have had this little love-of-my-life for 6 years already!

A little birthday treat arrived yesterday from Influenster & Cesar!
Barry loved it!

A little birthday brush... whenever I brush him,
I am always shocked at the amount of hair that comes off this little pup:

I could make a whole new pug with all this fur!
{FYI we use a FURminator to brush him, works wonders, clearly!}

Beauty for me, a beauty treatment for the birthday pug!

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