Friday, June 2, 2017

Hot (Pink) Pot

When I ordered all my goodies from the Victorian Beckham x Target collection,
I got this strange email: 

So when I went to log on and approve the new delivery date but there was no link to do so,
I called and got a useless response of "check back",
but it was all good because this top showed up a few days later!

I am so happy it wasn't cancelled because it is definitely a favorite from this collection!
{If you didn't get some or are still thinking about a piece, it is now on major sale!}

What I Wore: glasses- Faniel c/o 10/10 Optics, lips- Urban Decay "Anarchy", necklace- Forever 21, cardigan- Instagram shop, top- Victoria Beckham x Target, pants- Walmart, shoes- Target

Perfect hot pink top to try a new hot pot restaurant in town, LiuYishou

Not going to lie it was a little overwhelming and confusing but we worked it out

Thank goodness that Charlie is a pro at this stuff!
It was good, I would like to go again and get better at this process

Other Faves on this Friday:

I signed up for In Sight Podcast's Patreon for their bonus episodes!
I like the way these women take on cases with such detail.
I was so surprised to get this handwritten note and sticker in the mail,
such a nice bonus for $2 a month!

The hubby and I just finished Master of None Season 2 and we loved it!
I loved all the Italian,
  brought me back to my childhood and family 😊
{image source:}

We also watched the Netflix comedy special with Hasan Minhaj
and I also loved it.
It is the kind of comedy that made you laugh but also think.
I love the way it was shot too, like he was looking directly into your soul.
Watch it and let me know if you get the same vibe
{image source:}

I completely binged the whole first season of "The Keepers" on Netflix yesterday,
HOLY SHIT. {Quite literally}
This is a must watch, the new "Making A Murderer", but with HUGE web of chaos...
{image source:}

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