Sunday, June 25, 2017

5 Big Girl Purchases in my 20s


Your 20s are for seeing the world.
No strings attached, you aren't locked down, especially right after college.
I was lucky to do a lot of traveling in college (& a lot of it for college credit).
I recapped our adventures a couple years ago in my Wanderlust Recap series:
 Italy / New Zealand / Costa Rica {x2} / Hong Kong / Mainland China
& we've been on some other family trips: Mexico / St Thomas
+ our honeymoon in Alaska!


#2: CAR
My 2012 red VW beetle is my dream car,
I know I know no BMW, Rolls or anything crazy,
a red Volkswagen Beetle is my dream car.
I had a poster of this car on my wall since I was in middle school...
{I mean I have always wanted a pink one, the one I spotted in a local parking lot stole my 💓...}
I am still paying it off {0% interest though, thank god} but it's almost all mine!
This beetle is my 3rd, I had a sunflower yellow one first, which was TOTALLY a literal lemon, it never worked and I spent more to try and fix it than it was worth. My second was a grey stick shift beetle, also used, so my red beetle is my first new car and I love her.

This is perhaps the best part of being a "big girl", fur babies!
When we got Barry in 2011 my heart exploded, he is the love of my life
In early 2012, we welcomed Maggie to our fur family.
It is amazing how big she has gotten, she is a crazy lady but we love her.
& I never thought I would have a cat, but we welcomed Arnold into our family in October 2014
There is nothing like coming home to an adorable fur family 😚

If you are investing in a fur baby, do it right.
Do your breed research,
we tried to adopt before we got Barry but we had a series of bad experiences:
1st our size apartment did not qualify for the dog we wanted.
2nd the dog we were days away from adopting attacked her foster mom and bit her in the face.
3rd we actually adopted a dog and she was extremely stressed out
and went after one of our friends, she had to be given back to her foster mom
& now lives the life in Florida.

I am not discouraging adoption by any means, but it is a tough emotional experience.

No matter how you get your fur baby, they are expensive!
They require a ton of supplies; food, toys, beds, treats, Frontline, Heartguard, etc. etc.

We have always had pet insurance through VPI for all our fur babies,
and it is totally worth it.
We pay about $30-40 a month for the dogs and $13 a month for the cat,
when push comes to shove, it has ended up paying out way more than we have paid into it.
Barry has poked his eyes multiple times,
Maggie has had a bladder infection,
Arnold had a series of infections and surgeries in January.
We have never had a problem with VPI and I recommend them.

I sometimes still can't believe that we bought a house (before I turned 25!).
This is not a must for everyone in their 20's.
It has definitely been a struggle, especially with an old house...
I am happy we traveled before this commitment because it is expensive and ties you down.
We got a great mortgage rate (3.25% I think) and it will be worth it in the long run
(at least we tell ourselves this...)

I love our home though, it is everything I've wanted {especially my closet!}

See our home tour HERE!

Getting married is another thing that is definitely not for everyone,
especially in your 20s, but it was for us.
We've been married almost 4 years now, together for almost 10!
I would definitely recommend a smaller wedding, ours was WAY too big,
it flies by and the cost is just not worth it.
My parents paid for my wedding,
but there are so many little costs that pop up and drain your budget,
it is CRAZY.

It is more important that you actual LIKE the person
you are investing this time, money, and energy in.
Not even LOVE, of course I love my husband,
but actually being married requires that you LIKE that person, day in and day out.
Can you tolerate them for the next 80 years?!
That is what is worth the investment,
not some fancy night with people you barely know and probably won't see again...
I love this billboard from Bumble in NYC, it is so perfect.

What did you/are you saving for in your 20s?

What did you do differently?

What do you think are the qualifications of being a "Big Girl"?

Do share!

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