Monday, June 1, 2015

Wanderlust Recap: Hong Kong

{calligraphy c/o Michelle from Calligraphy Cult}

As mentioned in Sunday's post,
I am going a throwback mini series where I am claiming my traveling status!

While in college my boyfriend at the time {now hubby} did quite a lot of traveling,
when I started Behind The Leopard Glasses I thought that traveling would continue to be a big part of my life but the struggle is real with loans, bills, and owning a house before 25...

So these trips are a literal trip down memory lane...
Circa 2009...
Lets just say I am happy I didn't "fashion blog" back then... You will see what I mean.

These posts will be picture heavy just to have a picture diary of previous traveling!

1st up: Hong Kong
This is the first trip I took with Charlie & my big Amanda =)
We went with a group from Rider University as a 3 credit class for "Art Appreciation"

I love Hong Kong!
We will be back one day, maybe retire here!

When we got back my mom said, "So you still like him" meaning Charlie
& I said, "Yes" and she said, "Wow traveling with someone makes or breaks a relationship"
Guess Hong Kong made this one =)

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