Monday, June 15, 2015

Been college educated for 5 years and counting...

I can't believe we celebrated our 5 year Reunion at Rider University in Lawrenceville, NJ
this weekend!

Seems like just yesterday that we were having too much fun, learning A TON of science,
 and making friends that will last forever!

What I Wore: sunglasses- Ray Ban, necklace- Spike The Punch, dress- Old Navy, sandals- Payless, bag- vintage

One such friend-that-will-last-forever as mentioned above is my friend Sarah BA,
studies say if you have a friend for more than 7 years, they will be your friend for life,
well she is stuck with me...

God I love/miss this place

Our day started with some "Taste of Philly" {aka I ate a cheesesteak} at the dining hall
+ these guys playing music...

I love their completely sequin outfits...

Then we went to see if we could visit our old sorority house ΑΞΔ

We got in!
These are the plaques that each new member class makes...
With the advent of pinterest, they have increased significantly in quality haha

This was my last room in the house,
it used to be Hello Kitty painted as an Andy Warhol painting & I loved it,
but I though it was interesting that it is now an elephant...

I loved the new doors to the kitchen!

Had a little "holy I'm old" moment when I realized that one of the years I was in Alpha Xi Delta
has made its way into the basement... we have rotated out of the lounge!

Ah yeah...
What a throwback...

Then it was off to a beer tasting from Weyerbacher Brewing & a garden party!

A glow party at the pub to finish off the night,
I love that I got to see so many incredible people like Walter,
 who was my peer leader when I was a grad assistant of Multicultural Affairs!
I am so proud of him!

Home to display our borrowed(?) centerpieces from the garden party,
they were to pretty to risk getting thrown out!

I loved my years at Rider,
made amazing friends, connected with inspiring faculty that still have my back to this day,
happened to find a great hubby, and have tons of memories!

It was awesome to be back!

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