Saturday, October 18, 2014

Meet Arsenic {aka Arnold}

I never thought I would have a cat, 
never grew up with them, have had not so great experiences with them.
But Arsenic {also known as Arnold} fell into our laps this week
& made himself right at home...

The dogs were hesitant, 
Maggie was so curious & she doesn't understand how big she is...

He took to Barry right away.

They are quickly becoming the three best friends!

Taking over Maggie's crate...

I guess he choose us and now we have no choice but to make him part of the chemical family!
Barry the pug = Barium
Maggie the bulldog = Magnesium
& now Arnold = Arsenic 
Welcome to the fur family! 

1 comment:

Marine said...

Ahhh! He's so cute! In that second photo I just want to rub his belly! That's so great that he and the dogs are getting along so well. My parents had a hard time when they got their second dog - she didn't understand that the cats were not a toy, and so the cats got relocated to upstairs and the dogs reigned the downstairs. Poor cats; they had full reign of the house for over ten years and then those dogs came along...