Thursday, October 2, 2014


I've been searching for bandana print for a while now, 
I found this blouse at Old Navy for only like $12 and while I was paying a woman came up behind me and asked, "Where did you get that? I want it" 
and there was this awkward pause like she wanted me to give it to her. 
I replied, "Sale section" there was another awkward pause and she finally walked away.
I'm sorry am I suppose to be your personal shopper?
Check is in the mail?
Don't think so, I will keep my bandana print.

What I Wore: glasses- Kensie, lips- MAC "Chatterbox", earrings- from Saint Thomas, top- Old Navy,   pants- Target, flats- Forever 21

I love going to The Bent Spoon for ice cream!

the pug Barry loves it too!

& went to The Vault for some brews! 

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