Thursday, June 15, 2017

Check, Aim, Fire

The new (badass) me with green hair,
went to the Garden State Shooting Center for for my dad's birthday,

& I shot my first handgun!

Not sure you can hear what I said in the last clip,

The family who shoots together?

It was a really cool experience and awesome to see my brother-in-law Stephen,
who graduated from the police academy,
show off his skills and teach us how to safely use guns

& my sister Audrey is such a bad ass!

This was Silvia's first time shooting any gun and she was so good!

& Charlie's first time too!

 Definitely a different way to celebrate!
Happy Belated Poppy!

I still can't stop giggling at this photo of Poppy with their pup Stanley,
Look at the smile! ๐Ÿ˜Š

That night I also saw this on bustle's Instagram
and loled because my dad is a doctor,
and this looks exactly like this signature.
{source: bustle's Instagram}

Even though this day ended with this fun adventure,
this day started out not so pleasant.
Some guy dumped his coffee on me while boarding the train,
I thought it was water running off his umbrella
but nope.
It was his coffee and it was all over me.
He never even said anything,
 I only noticed when I sat down and noticed how bad it was when I got to FIT

Oh well, I look it off, washed it with hand soap and dried it out during class.

I have been loving this GypsyWarrior pouch,
I am sad to hear that they are closing, they were one of my favorite stores !

What I Wore: glasses- c/o Faniel, lips- Urban Decay "Time", necklace- Delphine Leymarie, top- Adam Lippies for Target, sweater- Old Navy, leggings- Walmart, flats- Hunter {via PoshMark from seller carcarskye}, tote- c/o Lafont, tote- FIT bookstore

I decided to keep my target, and hang it in my closet

A daily reminder that I am a bad ass B.

Nothing says don't mess with me like getting every shot in the middle of the target.

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