Monday, June 5, 2017

give it a chance

I loved this student government election poster in the hallway of my mom's high school:

Oh, I will give anything a chance when it features Chance,
 I am in love with Chance the Rapper.

Recently I have been completely obsessed with "May I Have This Dance"
by Francis and the Lights and Chance the Rapper.
I got hooked on the super adorable music video with a choreographed dance routine:

I immediately added it to my 2017 Spotify Playlist, along with these jams:

I gave my lobster embroidered pants a new chance in this outfit,
don't get me wrong I love them but there is something about them
that makes me not the biggest fan.
Not sure if it is the cut? the khaki? the shade of pink?

Either way, I gave them a chance and was pretty happy with them this time!

What I Wore: glasses- Firmoo, lips- Essence "Natural Beauty", necklace- Tiffany {gift from hubby}, top- JCPenney, pants- C.Wonder, flats- The Webster for Target, bag- 3.1 Phillip Lim for Target

Dinner was at a place that is TOTALLY worth a chance if you live in the NJ/NY/PA area,
Nomad Pizza 😍

Followed by some The Bent Spoon in Princeton, no surprise here.

Do you ever wonder how we ended up giving the things we love the "first chance"?
It is interesting to think about what sticks and becomes favorites
and what just fades away...


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