Sunday, August 6, 2017

Spectacular Sunday: GLASSESLIT

I was excited to check out their selection, 
but a little nervous because I have had varied experiences with the brand in the past.

Most of the glasses are cute, some are really funky and fun,
 but I did have a pair that got "lost in shipment",
the money was refunded but I still want those! 

My GlassesLit journey:
I have a floral pair of glasses from Glasseslit that I purchased in 2014 after I saw an ad on Facebook:

Then I ordered these red, white and blue babies in 2015 and they "got lost in the mail"
and I was so disappointed because then they were "sold out"
These would be SO PERFECT for some patriotic outfits! 

I also have these spiky beauties:

These cat eyes with sparkles make me happy:

I have purchased all my previous pairs of GlassesLit
so when they offered to sponsor me & pick out some more pairs I was ready to go! 

My picks:
1. Anne Full Frame Mixed Material Cat Eye Frame Number: C00096 in black {$16}
2. Nina Hexagon Frame Number: B01011 in dark blue {$24}
3. Ann Cat Eye Sunglasses Number: R00257 in brown {$18}
4. & 5. Elizabeth acetate & metal wayfarer frame in red & green 
{$1, yes $1 they have "add ons" that are AMAZINGLY cheep}
The red ones worked out perfectly but the lenses in the green ones are not right, 
they make me nauseous, something to be conscious about. 
I contacted GlassesLit and they said normally they would have the customer return them 
and fix the problem but since it was a sponsored purchase 
they wanted me to pick a different pair, which is how I ended up ordering #6.
They are not in yet but I hope the Rx is right because these are super cute! 
6. Cora Acetate Full-Rim Frame With Spring Hinges Number: B01034 in green {$26}

7. Cora Acetate Full-Rim Frame With Spring Hinges Number: B01034 in "other" and blue {$26}
8. Pearl Acetate Full-Rim Frame With Spring Hinges Number: B01061 in grey {$21}
9. Cindy Round Sunglasses Number: R00318 in brown {$15} 
** cannot be prescription!
I also loved these Polly Metal Wayfarer Frame Number: J00326 in black {$18}: 
but they also can't be made into Rx lenses =(
10. Hannah Retro Spring Hinge Eyeglasses Number: B01071 in blue {$18}

The glasses I picked out were ordered on June 28th, 
& they arrived by July 24th.
It does take about a month for GlassesLit glasses to arrive, 
pretty common with this type of company.

Final thoughts: 
Overall I am pretty satisfied with my glasses.
I was sad that the green ones have huge prescription issues,
 but I am excited for my replacement pair to arrive. 
Also, some of the glasses do not sit quite right on my face, 
some of them are a little crooked but you can kinda bend them to sit correctly.

For example, the cat eyes in today's outfit have nose pads are a little uneven. 
But you get what you pay for, I guess...

All that being said, 
these cat eyes are surprisingly cute, 
pretty big but I am loving them! 

What I Wore: glasses- c/o Glasseslit, lips- Tattoo Junkie Lip Paint in "Minx", top- thrifted, skirt- Abercrombie & Fitch, sandals- Target, bag- Eddie Borgo x Target

I loved this someecard:

In this case, I need 5 pairs...

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