Tuesday, August 8, 2017

whoa (don't) wait- get this kimono!

You already know...
 I love the ladies behind the Whoa Wait Walmart Instagram  account & Walmart collections.
I am a big fan of their first collection 
{worn on the blog HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE & lots more!} 

But their summer collection was all off-the-shoulder tops and shoulder cut outs
& I am not a fan of these trends.
At least my wallet was happy.

I immediately went on the hunt.
Checked online and it was sold out, 
went to the Walmart by my parents and no such luck,
finally found it at my local Walmart!

 Boy was it worth the hunt, 
I am in love! 

 What I Wore: glasses- Faniel, lips- NYX "Pink Cloud", top- Feed x Target, kimono- Walmart, shorts- Anthropologie, flats- Lilly Pulitzer x Target

Perfect kimono to go get some drinks at The Referend Bier Blendery,
I got the Beliner Messe: Gloria (Sommer)
 it had such a familiar taste but I just could not put my finger on what it was exactly.
I enjoy Referend, refreshing beers that are tart and different

Then home to these weirdos,
a cat who is perfectly content (and super cute) in this box:

& this bully who has too much energy we needed to play with some bubbles to tire her out:

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