Tuesday, May 9, 2017

wolf pack

Arnold and Maggie have been cuddling, and playing so much recently, 
they are so adorable, 
I love seeing them become a pack even though they aren't the same species. 

This is what our house has been like recently: 

In case you didn't watch all that loving until the end, 
Charlie caught Arnold listening to me talk to Barry in the other room and he froze:

Honestly this face has had me laughing for weeks:

Finally got to wear my wolf Monroe from my original LuLaRoe order
from retailer Courtney Skudalski,
makes me part of the wolf pack

What I Wore: glasses- Glasseslit, lips- treStique "Belize Bordeaux" via Ipsy, top- Whoa, Wait Collection @ Walmart, Monroe kimono- LuLaRoe via Courtney Skudalski, pants & shoes- Walmart

Time for my first Rita's of the year,
Swedish Fish flavor, of course!

I can feel summer coming!

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