Sunday, May 28, 2017

Lafont: Full Circle (in leopard glasses, of course!)

When I first spotted (pun intended)
my first pair of leopard glasses I was a freshman/sophomore in high school.
I had been wearing glasses since the 8th grade
& had been completely disappointed with the available selection.

I remember stepping into Gail's Optical Shoppe,
looking around and seeing a leopard print frame
hiding among all the black and silver frames.

I immediately rushed to then, read the inside arm "Jean Lafont", & thought
"Well thank youuuu Jean Lafont for making glasses that finally speak to my soul!"
 and put them on my face,
it was love at first try-on.

I turned around to show my mom,
and she said something along the lines of "are you serious".

I think the smile from lens to lens should have given it away.

Yes I was serious. Honestly this was the first time that I felt like myself.

I wore them daily for years,
 lens replacement after lens replacement as my Rx changed.

They are my signature.

Here are some college evidence, when you know,
cell phone cameras became a thing 😉

I first blogged my leopard glasses in 2011
and they were the inspiration behind THIS ENTIRE BLOG!

Fast forward to my first rendezvous
 at the 2017 International Vision Expo in NYC at the Javits Center in April.

When I first passed the amazing LaFont booth,
I literally walked by like 😲😲😲😲

I thought, "THE Lafont, they are here, right here,
OMG look at how beautiful this collection is!!"

As the story came full circle,
Ruth from 10/10 Optics introduced me to Kristen the brand manager of Lafont
and she personally showed me the collection.
You can see all that beautifulness HERE from the original blog post.

Kristen said that she had read BehindTheLeopardGlasses
and knew that my leopard glasses were on their last leg and needed to be replaced.

She then let me pick out not one, BUT two pairs!
I nearly fainted.

I mean, I really just wanted a LaFont tote bag that everyone was carrying around...
Was not expecting to have my mind blown!

I've been carrying it around daily to NYC,
it fits my new leopard computer case from Amazon
& my Betsey Johnson leopard wallet that I got from Poshmark...
Can you tell I may be leopard obsessed?! 

Ruth from 10/10 Optics gifted me the lenses for my new leopard specs!

These are the two pairs that I picked out:

OMG, they are just too pretty for words.
No doubt an upgrade!

They came in an amazing package with three printed scarves,
so pretty that they need to be framed,
could you image the three of these in frames on a wall?

Soon they got my Rx and were good to go!

Out with the old, In with the new.
But you know those oldies never going anywhere...
more for display since they will not be able to handle yet another lens replacement

Add some leopard pants and I AM IN MY ELEMENT!

What I Wore: glasses- c/o Lafont, lips- Revlon "Matte Seduction", top- Who What Wear x Target, pants- JCrew, flats- Cat & Jack at Target

I LOVE the leopard, metal, and crystal details.
They are so detailed and so pretty!
& these silver glasses are also a new favorite!
They are still leopard, but a silver embossed design.
So amazing.

Old + New + New

I cannot thank Lafont and Kristen enough.
It is amazing to get a leopard upgrade
from the original company that changed my whole personal style.

All these years later and I am still in love!

Shoutout to Ruth from 10/10 Optics
for the introduction and continued love, support, and lenses!

I found these beauties on framesdirect while diving into Lafont:

Lafont is KILLING eyeglass designs!
You should check them out, there is something for everyone!

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